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These 18 Celebrities Prove That Gap Teeth Are Adorable

By Jennifer

Of all the things to feel insecure about, your radiant smile shouldn't be one of them (and you shouldn't feel insecure about any of your physical traits, but that's another article altogether). There are so many gorgeous celebs with a gap-tooth grin, you're in the best of company, and have every reason to smile yourself. Here are a few celebs with gap teeth to prove that every smile — including yours! — is exactly how it's meant to be.

1 Anna Paquin

Anna PaquinSource: Wedding Forums - Wedding Discussions

2 Madonna

MadonnaSource: Notable People


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3 Jorja Fox

Jorja FoxSource: Jorja Fox with fellow CSI

4 Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa ParadisSource: Chanel Noir

5 Lauren Hutton

Lauren HuttonSource: Before & After Photoshop/Plastic Surgery/Makeup

6 Lara Stone

Lara StoneSource: Lara Stone by Josh Olins

7 Jane Birkin

Jane BirkinSource: loves

8 Georgia Jagger

Georgia JaggerSource:

10 Laura San Giacomo

Laura San GiacomoSource:

11 Natalie Cole

Natalie ColeVia Ravaged by the drug addiction

12 Lily Aldridge

Lily AldridgeVia

13 Becky G

Becky GVia

14 Uzo Aduba

Uzo AdubaVia

16 Jessica Hart

Jessica HartSource:

17 Abbey Lee Kershaw

Abbey Lee KershawSource:

18 Ashley Smith

Ashley SmithSource:

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