The Downside to Stardom-9 Shockingly Short Celebrity Marriages You Never Knew about ...


If the sales of gossip magazines are any indication, people just love to read about celebrity marriages. The expensive fairy-tale weddings, long honeymoons, fantastic dresses-it's all something some of us dreamt of for ourselves when we were growing up. What we didn't dream of, however, was how short some of the marriages turned out to be. Even if we don't think it will be forever, we usually expect to be married for longer than three days, two weeks or four months! I'm not sure what they were thinking, but here are some examples of shockingly short celebrity marriages. I'm not going to comment on why the marriages ended so soon unless it's something that's a matter of “public record”; that's just tacky. I got most of them from magazines like and Gawker, but some came from Some of these are well-known while others flew completely under our radar.

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Britney Spears/Jason Alexander

Britney Spears/Jason Alexander This pairing tops my list of shortest celebrity marriages because it lasted all of 55 hours. To give a frame of reference, we've probably all had pimples that lasted longer than this. I don't usually quote “How I Met Your Mother” in an article, but this one from Rolling Stone tells us why this is a perfect example of how nothing good ever happens after 2 am:


Dennis Rodman/Carmen Electra

Dennis Rodman/Carmen Electra According to, this pair was only married for nine days before he filed for an annulment. Whether it was a publicity stunt or true love isn't known, but the fact that Rodman was plastered doesn't help either case.


Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries After spending what could feed a small country on their wedding, these two were divorced within 60 or 72 days, depending on whom you ask. says Kim had doubts about the relationship even before the wedding but didn't want to cancel it out of fear of “disappointing” people. I can see her point, but hopefully her current marriage to Kanye West will work out better.


Mario Lopez/Ali Landry

Mario Lopez/Ali Landry Children of the early '90s might remember Mario as A.C. Slater, the sweetie jock who's in love with Jessie Spano. They got married in 2004, but it was annulled within 3 weeks because she found out he'd been cheating on her. According to the Huffington Post and, he admitted to having cheated on her just days before their wedding! If that's true, good for her. She moved on to marry director Alejandro Monteverde and have 3 children, so I'd say it turned out well.


Drew Barrymore/Jeremy Thomas

Drew Barrymore/Jeremy Thomas According to, these two only dated six weeks before they got married and stayed together for about that same length of time. In her defense, she was only 19; who here didn't do random impulsive things at that age? I know I did. She later married her second husband Tom Green for six months and has been with her current husband Will Kopelman since 2012. Third time's a charm.


Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock

Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock I remember hearing about this couple having four different ceremonies-the south of France, Nashville, Malibu and Detroit. Unfortunately, the happiness didn't last, so they got divorced only 114 or 122 days later, depending on whom you ask. They're still friendly, though.


Pamela Anderson/Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson/Rick Salomon I'm mentioning Anderson's marriage to Rick Salomon (you may know him better as The Guy In That Paris Hilton Sex Tape, although he's a professional poker player too) separately because they got married twice-once in 2007 and again in 2014. According to, their first marriage was annulled only two months later due to allegations of “fraud.” now says that he's filed for annulment again, this time in response to her request for a divorce. As someone who's played the “on-again, off-again” game, let's hope whatever comes of it works out for the best.


NICOLAS Cage/Lisa Marie Presley

NICOLAS Cage/Lisa Marie Presley According to, these two were married for only three months before they realized that it was a mistake to get hitched to begin with.


Renee Zellweger/Kenny Chesney

Renee Zellweger/Kenny Chesney tells us that Renee married the hottie country singer a mere four months after they met at a tsunami relief effort. The annulment lists “fraud” as the reason, although it's never been said exactly what that means. I can't help but wonder why that reason has been used so often.

My dad used to tell me that if you go into a marriage thinking it might not work, you might as well not even bother because you've already decided it won't. Judging from how short some of these unions were, I think he might be right. What do you think? Can you think of any other celebrity couples that divorced really quickly? Also, I've heard it said that it's harder to make a marriage work when you're always in the public eye. Do you think this is true and, if so, why? Let us know in the comments.

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Everyone knew about these marriages u just need to keep up with celeb gossip. lol😜

I knew about these marriages.

I think everyone knew about Kim and kris

how hilarious. talk about real life imitating art! i mean really how can adult people fall in love and think that marriage is the answer and think they are going to live forever. i mean really!?

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