"...and He's *Still* Hot." 7 80s Actors Who Look Even Better Now ...

When you think of hot actors from the 80s, who comes to mind? I know some of you probably weren't alive when Members Only jackets and big hair were popular, but there are quite a few actors from that era that remind us how men seem to have it easy when it comes to aging. Unlike us, they don't have to deal with things like menopause, stretch marks or (hopefully) sagging boobs that can show up on us as we get older. Personally I think they add character, but the cosmetics industry tells us differently. Even so, there are just some people who either age very well or don't age at all. Here are a few actors from the 80s I think are still gorgeous; I'll leave it to you to judge for yourself.

1. Patrick Dempsey

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It's probably not hard to see why he tops my list of 80s actors who are still hot. I thought Patrick Dempsey was cute in β€œIn The Mood” and β€œLoverboy”, but the scruffy look he sports now goes really well with the friendliness and dark blue scrubs you see you see him in on "Grey's Anatomy". Also, he's one of the few men who has juuuust the right amount of chest hair. To see what I'm talking about, the first item is a not-safe-for-work look at some choice scenes from various movies. It goes on a bit long, but what you see at :25, 2:12 and 2:49 makes it all worth it.
search.yahoo.com. Grey's fans will appreciate the next video too. :)

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