25 Most Messed up Celebrities ...


25 Most Messed up Celebrities ...
25 Most Messed up Celebrities ...

So I've always wondered, how much damage can fame and money do to someone? I do watch the gossip channels and I contribute in the usual dose of gasping and exclaiming at the antics of our darling celebrities, but I thought I'd go dig up some more dirt and pick 25 of the most messed up celebrities, EVER:

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Katie Price a.k.a Jordan Image source: backseatcuddler.com
The british "glamour model" (a.k.a media tart) loves a hard-partying lifestyle. From a love-child to oversized breast implants and more children with her second ex-husband, Katie's done it all. Her cheap antics even resulted in her using her marriage as fodder for the paparazzi, and even a wish to sell her implants for 1 million! Ha!


Sienna Miller Image source: images.fanpop.com
The model cum actress was most famous for having dated Jude Law and then the affair Jude had with their children's nanny. The couple did reconcile much later but that didn't last very long either. Also known for being Kate Moss's best friend and a total party girl, Sienna's well on her way to ruin.


Courtney Love Image source: dailyslick.com
The late Kurt Cobain's wife was quite the substance abuser. Accused for breaking windows, to having her daughter Francis being taken away by social services due to Courtney's inability to look after herself or her daughter, this lady has come a long way. She went to rehab and got better. Having taken to plastic surgery and declaring that she looked better, Courtney seems to be sort of in control of her life. However, the problem with these wrecked celebs is that they just don't know when to stop going under the knife.


Courtney Love has had a tumultuous life. After her marriage to Kurt Cobain, she became a substance abuser and was accused of breaking windows. Her daughter, Francis, was taken away by social services due to Courtney's inability to look after herself. She eventually went to rehab and got better, and even got plastic surgery to improve her looks. Unfortunately, she has become addicted to cosmetic procedures, and has gone under the knife too many times. Despite her struggles, Courtney Love has managed to overcome her issues and is now in control of her life.


Lauryn Hill Image source: i392.photobucket.com
Lead vocalist of the band "The Fugees" and the mother of 5 kids to Bob Marley's son, Lauryn is not much of a social butterfly. Wildspread rumors of her suffering from bipolar disorder made the rounds, with her behaviour becoming more and more erratic when she went on a solo tour in 2007. But then again, with a wacky dressing sense like that and other such inane abnormalities, who wouldn't put her on this list?


Jonathan Rhys Meyers Image source: hollywoodgrind.com
Jonathan Rhys Meyers may be hot but he has an alcohol problem. He checked himself into rehab once already, but was subsequently arrested at Dublin airport for being drunk and disorderly. Later it turned out his mother passed away a day before. He apologized and the charges were dropped. Be as it may, he was snapped partying in LA with a kind of a crazy look in his eye. He would be an oddity if it was only drink, however knowing the Hollywood set and their inability to stick to only one addiction it does make me wonder!


Tom Sizemore Image source: static.thehollywoodgossip.com
Tom has clearly not let his high-profile work get to him. Not only he was arrested on drug charges, slapped Heidi Fleiss around (she was his girlfriend at the time) but his 8 hour sex tape was also released on the Internet. He failed numerous drug tests and even resorted to faking a drug test by means of using a plastic penis that was sewn into his boxers and had a clean urine sample but of course he was caught because get this – his urine sample was too cold. Honestly! And don’t ask me I don’t have a clue how to fake a drug test with a plastic penis. And obviously Sizemore is none the wiser. Be as it may Sizemore was sentenced 19 months in prison, but his sentence was reduced and he got out a few months later. Whoa!


Andy Dick Image source: oglio.com
Andy Dick is a comedian who eventually fizzled out. But his shenanigans, didn't. In 1999 Andy Dick was arrested after slamming his car in a telephone pole. He had marijuana and cocaine on him. His brand of comedy has been growing more offensive over the years (might have something to do with all that cocaine). He went to rehab twice, but obviously it has not worked as he has been getting out of control lately. Recent snaps show Andy Dick being rowdy, under the influence, urinating all over the place and trying to get it on with any number of young guys that do not find him disgusting.


Lil Kim Image source: celebutopia.net
Lil’ Kim was charged with conspiracy and perjury in 2005 and consequently went to jail for a year. But that did not stop her much, as she wrote more than 200 songs during her time as a jailbird and she managed to release her album The Naked Truth. When she was released from jail 5 parties were thrown in her honor (Erm). Recently Lil’ Kim ended her feud with 50 Cent and recorded a track with him and seems to enjoy subjecting herself to plastic surgery. Must be quite addictive eh.


O.J. Simpson Image source: cdn1.newsone.com
The ex NFL player's ex-wife and her current lover were found dead in front of his wife’s apartment. Simpson was soon charged with murder, however he did not turn himself in and decided to try and escape from law enforcement in his Ford Bronco (LOL).The civil case declared him guilty and he had to pay $33.5 millions in damages. In 2007 Simpson was arrested for armed burglary. He tried to steal some sports stuff he claimed belonged to him. His then girlfriend was hospitalized with head injuries. According to him she was drunk and fell over. Ahem, I see a pattern!


Jocelyn Wildenstein Image source: thelmagazine.com
Wow, One plastic surgery too many? Jocelyn Wildenstein married rich and when her hubby started having affairs she started having plastic surgeries. She has allegedly spent more then $4 million on various surgeries that left her looking like, well, A MESS. Obviously the woman does not know when to stop and it hurts my eyes to look at her.


Brooke Hogan Image source: yeeeah.com
Hulk Hogan's daughter's tendency to self-destruct seems to run in the family. Hulk Hogan and wife went through a rather ugly divorce. Their son was involved in a car crash that has left his passenger on a respirator with severe brain damage AND Hogan’s wife Linda was caught on tape taking part in illegal racing. So far the only crime Brooke has committed is a crime against fashion (awful, painful outfits) but it seems only a matter of time before she is involved in something illegal. It really does seem to run in the family!!


Owen Wilson Image source: wilson-brothers.com
The talented actor tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrists and popping pills. Reports suggest he had a drug problem for a while and that he tried to commit suicide on more than one occasion. After the incident he decided to stay out of rehab and hire a sober companion to be with him when he is not under the watchful eyes of his family. It seems Owen is slowly on the mend but only time will tell!


Avril Lavigne Image source: free-celebrity-picture.com
Accused of stealing material and not giving credit where credit is due; Hello Avril! Though the claims were later withdrawn, once can be an accident, twice not so much so, but you got to wonder when it happens 3 times. She married her boyfriend Deryck Whibley in 2006 (they are divorcing now). It is alleged that she underpays her dancers who are supposed to accompany her on tour and she is a general douche to her fans. And to say she is full of herself is an understatement. I am totally certain this one is going to wreck it!


Lily Allen Image source: jezebelmusic.com
The grammy nominated "Smile" singer has been a bit of a problem child from a very early age. Past exploits include getting expelled from school at age 13 for smoking, drinking and performing fellatio. She spent 4 weeks in a health facility after attempting suicide and was an ecstasy dealer at age 15. Albeit extremely talented, Lily is notorious for her motor mouth and insulting anyone and everyone (some of her targets include George Bush, Amy Winehouse and Kylie Minogue). Well, politically incorrect, rude, obnoxious and a talented voice. What's the point?


Mary Kate Olsen Image source: images1.fanpop.com
She OBVIOUSLY had a major eating disorder. Then Mary Kate and her friends swapped boyfriends for a while. Then came all the hospitalizations for kidney infection (though I think it was a PR cover-up). Her last scandal? – Mary Kate was connected with the premature death of Heath Ledger. Rumor has it that the two were dating and when her masseuse found Ledger dead she called the Olsen twin thrice before calling the ambulance. She has been out of the spotlight of late for some reason. But is it possible to ward off notoriety for good?


Jamie Lynn Spears Image source: wallpaper.celebritypc.com
The Zoey 101 star and pop princess Britney Spears's sister got pregnant at 16. She was 12 weeks pregnant when the story released and it was revealed the father of her baby was long term boyfriend Casey Aldridge. He was 19 at the time hence there was some question about the difference in age and if he could be charged for statutory rape but some reports suggest Aldridge is being used as a scape goat and that the father is a much older man, an executive at the Zoey 101 show. Messed up!!


Katie Rees Image source: static.thehollywoodgossip.com
The disgraced former Miss Nevada 2007's raunchy pictures were leaked on the Internet featuring her making out with other females and simulating fellatio and other such activities!! Understandably, Katie was stripped off her crown. In the latest incident Katie was caught for speeding, but she also had a suspended license and expired tags. Dumb or what?! Don’t speed if you don’t have a license – it seems to me she went to the Paris Hilton school of driving. To make matters worse she physically attacked the arresting officer. Really?


Naomi Campbell Image source: xtremewalls.com
Dubbed the Black Panther for her characteristic catwalk, supermodel Naomi has a horrible anger management problem. Her favorite pastimes are to slap her assistants around and assault them with mobile phones. She even threatened to push one of her assistants out of a moving car. The last physical confrontation left her mopping floors as a part of community service and she showed up for that one in stilettos(rolls eyes). At the moment she is working as a managing editor for GQ (scored interviews with Chavez and Argentinean president Cristina Fernandez). I do hope she will not have it out with them as well.


Vanessa Hudgens Image source: thecinemapost.com
Another teen idol going bust. The High School Music superstar and Zac Efron's girlfriend had her naked pictures leaked on the Internet and rumors were rife that Disney would drop her due to this scandal. But her contract was not terminated. It has to be said that she was luckier then most because many actors would have not survived such a scandal and managed to keep the job, atleast not with Disney. Be that as it may, Vanessa is still quite popular and remains Disney's much loved cash cow.


David Hasselhoff Image source: inquisitr.com
The Baywatch star went to rehab in 2002 and was also arrested more than once for DUI. Oh and he was also forbidden from boarding a flight due to intoxication (although his publicist claims he was under the influence of antibiotics, yeah right!). He divorced his 2nd wife Pamela Bach after 16 years of marriage and she accused him of violent behavior. But his biggest mess up moment so far (and there were many) was a video of him drunk on the floor, eating a hamburger and being obviously smashed. The video was shot by his daughter and leaked on the Internet. Later on he was hospitalized again after suffering a relapse. Talk about being a role model to one's kids!!


Mischa Barton Image source: hd-wallpapers.s-fun.com
Famous for her role as Marissa Cooper in the O.C, her days of mayhem began when she started hanging out with Nicole Richie. One of the dumb heads, Mischa seemed to favor booze and prescription drugs. She collapsed on one occasion, but it was dismissed as a flu or something of the sort. I think the excuse was Mischa didn’t know she should not mix antibiotics and alcohol. She was pulled over once and not only was she caught for DUI, without a valid license, but also with a stash of weed on her. Contrite Mischa was seen a few days later going to a church. It seems to run in the family though as her younger sister ended up in rehab twice already.


Amy Winehouse Image source: entertainmentwallpaper.com
It was a known fact that Amy was prone to self destruction, depression and drugs. But the downward spiral started about the same time Wino got married to Blake Fiedel – Civil. Their violent fights were well documented by the tabloids. Their joint excursion to rehab lasted 5 days. One arrest for possession of cannabis, one canceled tour, one overdose, one picture of Amy wandering around in her bra and jeans, one husband in jail and one video of her smoking crack later – and she FINALLY said yes to rehab!!


Lindsay Lohan Image source: vistawallpaper.com
The much-loved child star totally screwed up as she grew up and when her mum decided to turn her into a cash cow. Partying, booze and drugs landed her in rehab 3 times in 1 year, but she also became quite famous for her man-eating ways as she seemed to go through high profile bad boyswith astonishing speed. Another thing she shares with her friend-turned-foe Paris Hilton is DUI charges. Her sentence was one day in jail and 10 days of community services. Although she is adamant that she changed her ways, gossip mills of late paint a different picture.


Pamela Anderson Image source: blog.pappastax.com
Pamela is somewhat impulsive when it comes to her boobs and the men she dates. She had breasts implants put in, then taken out then new ones put in again. She is also known for her bad boy addiction. She married Tommy Lee after just 96 hours of meeting him and the couple have 2 sons together and on again/off again relationship. A porn video from their honeymoon found its way on the net when their house was burglarized. Lee was arrested on domestic violence charges and Pamela filed for divorce 2 days later. She also contracted Hepatitis C virus from him. Her other favorite bad boy was Kid Rock, who she married in July and divorced in December of 2006. Last year she got married to Rick Soloman (of Paris Hilton fame) and filed for divorce 2 months later. Phew, crash and burn anyday!


Michael Jackson Image source: yeeeah.com
The late Jacko’s personal life has been a feast for tabloids for decades now. Whether it is his appearance and numerous plastic surgeries that left his face falling apart or the accusations of molesting children at his ranch Neverland to his 2 failed marriages and the constant debates about how his children were conceived – no other person in the world can still create so much media frenzy or debate like MJ. He faced child molestation allegations but was freed of all charges while other suits were settled out of court. Then there was the storm about him facing bankruptcy with $23 million dollars in loans, while his Neverland ranch was saved from foreclosure when he finally paid the taxes for the property. Well, no matter what, he continues to be an icon, even after his mess-ups and demise.

So these were my 25 super messed up celebrities of all time!! Be it horrendous plastic surgery or bad romances or even a hard partying lifestyle, they didn't seem to be able to handle it well!! Do you think there could have been anyone else on the list who I might have missed out on? Let me know!

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Amanda Bynes !!!

Fail list. No Robert Downey Jr? Seriously? And this list needs to be updated with Charlie Sheen.

Where is Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, so many others missing

Charlie sheen should be there somewhere. I mean three rehabs in a year, countless restraining orders( including against his children) and two and a half men fiasco. How much more can messed up can anybody be.

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