25 Most Messed up Celebrities ...

So I've always wondered, how much damage can fame and money do to someone? I do watch the gossip channels and I contribute in the usual dose of gasping and exclaiming at the antics of our darling celebrities, but I thought I'd go dig up some more dirt and pick 25 of the most messed up celebrities, EVER:

25. Katie Price a.k.a Jordan

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Image source: backseatcuddler.com
The british "glamour model" (a.k.a media tart) loves a hard-partying lifestyle. From a love-child to oversized breast implants and more children with her second ex-husband, Katie's done it all. Her cheap antics even resulted in her using her marriage as fodder for the paparazzi, and even a wish to sell her implants for 1 million! Ha!

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