25 Hottest Celebrity Moms ...


25 Hottest Celebrity Moms ...
25 Hottest Celebrity Moms ...

Celebrity women sooner or later decide to settle down in life and experience motherhood. They disappear for a few months and then emerge suddenly in super pre-pregnancy shape, causing everyone to gasp in awe at this feat. I've picked 25 of these women, who had kids and regained their rocking figures, balancing motherhood and ultra hotness!

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Reese Witherspoon Image source: img2.timeinc.net
Reese became a mother at age 22!!! She now manages a successful career as an actress/producer and is a single mom to two kids (Ava and Deacon), an Oscar-winning actress, and a Children's Defense Fund board member!!! Unlike other super-busy and solo celeb moms, she avoids overprotecting her kids and doesn't believing in spoiling them. I think that's quite awesome, to retain simplicity and humility even though you can very much afford to be extravagant to the hilt!


Katherine Heigl Image source: flylip.com
Apparently this gorgeous Grey's Anatomy actress cleaned up her act and gave up on her intolerable diva-like ways ever since she and husband Josh Kelly adopted a special-needs Korean baby named Nayleigh. Motherhood sure does wonders to people. Either ways, I love Katherine and kudos to her for such a noble deed!


Jessica Alba Image source: img2.timeinc.net
When I first heard that Jessica was pregnant with daughter Honor, my first thought was what a cute and stylish mother she would be! Of course, she proved me right. She shows off her post-baby physique at red carpet events, and doesn't shy away from strolling around in a pair of baggy sweats and jeans! Either ways, Jessica has my vote for balancing motherhood and me-time effortlessly, from handling little Honor and to making Valentines' Day with hubby Cash Warren a super hit, by hiring a baby-sitter.


Tori Spelling Image source: pregnanthollywood.com
This bubbly blonde mother of two sure has it all figured out. Tori balances mommyhood and parenthood with husband Dean and kids Liam and Stella on their show Home Sweet Hollywood, and in the pages of her books נthe third edition is tentatively titled Unchartered terri-TORI (HA!). She also designs childrenӳ clothes and is venturing into the arena of childrenӳ books. But even with all the brownie points for being all about the "mom stuff", the former 90210 star still makes headlines more often for her on/off relationship with her mom, Candi. Tsk, guess Tori and Candi need to sweeten it out after all!


Brooke Shields Image source: turbo.inquisitr.com
The Blue Lagoon beautyӳ two little girls, Rowan, 6, and Grier, 3, have big shoes to fill, having such a Hollywood darling for a mother. Brooke was in the headlines as a mother suffering from post-partum depression. Before mommy bloggers provided honest insight into the darkness of PPD, Brooke broke her silence on the lonely, terrifying disease, giving a face to suffering women everywhere. Cheers to her for conquering her condition and resuming her true-blue heart-throb status!


Kelly Ripa Image source: dailystab.com
Kelly's family seems to be so adorable and picture-perfect. How do I know? Her gig on Live With Regis & Kelly allows her to talk about her life A LOT. She has us chuckling at her motherhood mishaps and connecting with her normal daily activities (minus the Hampton house and Hollywood hobnobbing). Kelly and Mark (also known as Hayley and Mateo from All My Children) seem like a down-to-earth and simple celeb couple to hang with. I'd definitely take relationship and parenting cues from them!


Elin Nordegren Image source: static.thehollywoodgossip.com
Even the most beautiful women have trouble in their paradise. Elin's current hell is plastered on every publication, news channel and blog. Her husband, the legendary Tiger Woods, is alleged to have a sex addiction. Post-scandal, Elin remained silent and low-key, remaining strong for her two kids, Sam, 2 and Charlie, 1. WeӲe sure Elin is weighing her options, pros and cons. Well, all I hope for this lovely lady is that she does what's best for her and for her children.


Sarah Jessica Parker Image source: assets.nydailynews.com
Sarah's days are now full with baby-gear and supplies, a polar opposite to her on-screen persona Carrie Bradshaw, the glamorous shopaholic from Sex and the City. With hubby Matthew Broderick, sheӳ mom to 7-year-old, James Wilkie and twin girls (8-month-old Marion Loretta and Tabitha), whom the couple had via surrogacy. I was reading an article where she even said that working long hours makes her experience, ԥnormous regrets,Ԡand calls having a nanny, Դhe eternal conflict of every working woman.ԠAwwww, the perils of being a moviestar mom!


Rebecca Romijn Image source: images.eonline.com
Rebecca Romijn is such an everyday, NORMAL mom, a far cry from her supermodel/actress status: She shops for cutie-pie twins, Dolly and Charlie, on eBay; she donned a milk mustache, and post-baby, she didnӴ rush back into her skinny jeans. But what I heart most about the former Victoriaӳ Secret angel is that she just seems so darn happy about the time she spends with her adorable foursome of a family, (which includes yummy-hunk Jerry OӃonnell.) Now that's what I call a picture perfect family!


Salma Hayek Image source: thesalmahayek.com
Salma Hayek's been busy saving lives since daughter Valentina was born. As a spokesperson for the Pampers/UNICEF 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine campaign, Hayek raised awareness and money to eradicate tetanus, a fatal yet preventable disease killing newborns and mothers in developing countries. The campaign provided 30 million tetanus vaccines and started an accidental controversy when photos surfaced of Salma nursing an African baby on a goodwill trip. She also admitted on Oprah that breastfeeding is not, in fact, a magical elixir that melts away pounds and that slimming down is hard work. Looking at this curvy actress, Id never know, but itӳ just SO refreshing to hear an A-lister call it like it is.


Victoria Bekcham Image source: pictures.zimbio.com
I think the only time the high heeled ice-queen Victoria warms up is when talking about her boys נBrooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, plus hottie husband, David Beckham. WeӶe got to hand it to the former Spice Girl. In an interview to Glamour magazine, she said that when she's back home, its ALL about her kids; her favorite being serving them lunch at school. From a momӳ perspective, I love that her fashion line - dVb - make women of any size look sexy. Plus, full points to this lady with three dirty, messy boys managing to remain flawlessly chic (Hired help, on second thoughts). Regardless, Victoria will be a complete fashionista well into her later years - and yep, sheӬl look good doing it.


Michelle Williams Image source: 4.bp.blogspot.com
Michelle seems like a celeb mom that actually reads bedtime stories and fixes boo-boos rather than delegates to a nanny. Every time sheӳ photographed strolling the streets of Brooklyn, her daughter Matilda - whoӳ a spitting image of her late father, Heath Ledger - is glued to her side. The transition to single mom hasnӴ been easy for Michelle, who says itӳ Ԩard to be the man and the woman.ԠBut she finds solace in Matilda: ԅvery time I really miss him and wonder where heӳ gone, I just look at her.ԠI'd like my tissues now please.


Uma Thurman Image source: pictures.zimbio.com
In the cute comedy flick Motherhood, Uma took a break from her usual ass-kicking roles to play a worn-out West Village mother of two writing about her parenting feats on a mommy blog. Although Umaӳ real life is a wee bit different than that, she refreshingly admits that all the money and help in the world doesnӴ make being away from her kids any easier. In fact, she blames the ending of her marriage to actor Ethan Hawke on her inability to manage it all. Uma is often spotted sauntering the streets with her little two in tow, Maya Ray, 11, and Levon, 7. Kudos to Uma for keeping it real!


Britney Spears Image source: examiner.com
When Britney married some fella named K-Fed and quickly popped out two babies (Sean Preston and Jayden James), I was anticipating a dramatic ending. And that didn't include the car-seat-ditching, custody-losing, head-shaven train wreck that later ensued. But Britney woke up, recognized her faults, and got herself the help she so needed. The pop princess is now slowly starting to redeem her image. Sheӳ most likely to be spotted with her boys at the pool, park, or studio (The grapevine just whispered she's dating her agent Jason Trawick). I'm not very confident if sheӬl uphold her squeaky-clean new image, but as long as she stays out of the limelight, my bet is yes.


Jennifer Lopez Image source: static.poponthepop.com
Jennifer and husband Marc Anthony's almost 2-year-old twins, Max and Emme have changed their priorities - for the better. Jen insists sheӳ indeed hopping off the hamster wheel and only committing to projects that Գay what I want to sayԠ- like her film, The Back-Up Plan, where she played a woman carrying twins via IVF. Is she really taking it easy? Maybe, but the fact that her body is still banging and her makeup artist is her kidӳ godfather makes me think sheӳ not letting herself go entirely.


Jada Pinkett-Smith Image source: blackcelebkids.com
Jada Pinkett-Smith looks like the kind of mom you wouldnӴ want on your bad side. Part powerhouse/part humanitarian נWill and she founded a charity that supports inner-city kids. Sure thereӳ all that Scientology mumbo jumbo, but Jada and her crew (Trey, 16, Jaden, 11, and Willow, 8) come off as one of the most grounded, tight-knit clans in the pack, with the kids even starring in movies with their father, Will.


Bridget Moynahan Image source: babble.com
Bridget exudes a realness that seems to be missing in much of the celebrity pack. Sheӳ one of the few celebs to speak out against moms marketing their kids, saying, Ԉaving a baby isnӴ like having the new bag or shoe.ԠSheӳ also slams ԰erfectհost-baby bodies. She might be taking a dig at her ex Tom Bradyӳ new supermodel baby mama, Giselle Bundchen, but she also extended her congratulations and advice to the new mom נanother reason why she's on my list.


Cate Blanchett Image source: img.dailymail.co.uk
I really haven't seen much of the porcelain-skinned Cate since her delightful turn as auburn-haired Daisy in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I'm guessing it must be because sheӳ been busy raising her three boys (Ignatius, Roman, and Dashiell) with hubby Andrew Upton. IӤ be super envious of Cate if she wasnӴ so candid about being a hands-on mom and plastic surgery (ԁndrew said heӤ divorce meԩ. Are more kids in the coupleӳ future? Cate says the worldӳ already overpopulated, but allows, Էe do make nice ones.ԠIf theyӲe anything as close to charming and graceful as Cate, weӤ welcome them happily.


Gwen Stefani Image source: photos.posh24.com
Gwen Stefani is a bad-ass stunning rock 'n' roll mom - from her chic L.A.M.B line to her edgy maternity style, she makes motherhood highly fashionable! She and hubby Gavin Rossdale passed down their part punk/part rock style to kids Kingston and Zuma. Their parenting styles are highly different, with Gwen being the disciplinarian, while Gavin admitted to us in 2008 that he hopes his kids rebel. I for one, totally hope the kids are just as non-conformist as their superstar mom.


Halle Berry Image source: x17online.com
Being mom to almost-2-year-old daughter, Nahla,and being highly choosy about her films is what Halle is all about these days. On a more superficial level - have you seen this womanӳ post-baby body? W.O.W! As for baby Nahla, I'm sure her flawless beauty, natural talent and good-natured personality will reflect in her daughter. And with a divinely gorgeous daddy like Gabriel Aubry, there's no scope for doubt!!


Kate Hudson Image source: pictures.zimbio.com
Whether itӳ her laid-back style or infectious laugh, Kateӳ the kind of mom I could totally relate to. She credits her shaggy-haired son, Ryder, 6, (with ex, Chris Robinson) for grounding her and calls herself a ԰retty strict mom,Ԡwho avoids spoiling her child. Of course it helps that sheӳ the daughter of one of Hollywoodӳ best-loved moms (and now grandma), Goldie Hawn!!! Beautiful women make superstar moms? Mhmm!


Katie Holmes Image source: pictures.gi.zimbio.com
Katie and daughter Suri are often seen strolling the streets in matching heels or snuggling on a shoot. (Katieӳ even motherly on set נbringing ice cream and cupcakes for the whole crew! Aww!!!) She is also super step-mom to Tomӳ kids, Isabella and Connor. Her high-profile relationship with Tom Cruise has put her at the receiving end of vicious gossip and infamy, but that hasn't stopped her from performing her motherly duties. Is baby number 2 on the cards? Allegedly so! Oh well, there's always room in the world for another beautiful TomKat kid!


Jennifer Garner Image source: growingyourbaby.com
Jennifer seems to magically balance her work and family life. A-lister Jennifer turns into perfect mom and is routinely spotted out with her two kids (4-year-old Violet and 13-month Seraphina) and down-to-earth hubby Ben Affleck. Rather than parading around in 6-inch heels with an army of nannies, she takes her kids to the park, bakes, even wears sweats. Sexy, talented AND grounded? Go Jen!


Heidi Klum Image source: images.eonline.com
Heidi's insane post-baby body (after four kids!) and ability to strut down the runway a mere six weeks after giving birth had my jaw dropping to the floor. When the supermodel isnӴ hosting her mega-hit show, Project Runway or promoting her skin care products, sheӳ out with hubby, Seal, and their growing brood (daughter Lou was born in October.) The lovey-dovey couple seamlessly juggle parenting and marriage. I even saw a picture of her and Lou looking fresh-faced and happy, proving that she's beautiful with or without makeup!


Angelina Jolie Image source: trendland.net
I ENVY her: Sheӳ got the beauty, the talent, and heck, sheӳ got the guy. The gossip dailies may portray her as an evil, home-wrecking child-collector, but I think Angelina's one of the most dedicated and generous humanitarians in the world of celebrity. She is a UN goodwill ambassador, supports a family at the SOS Childrenӳ Village in Jordan, and recently donated $1 million to Haiti with partner Brad Pitt. With six kids, (three foster: Maddox, Pax and Zahara; three biological: Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne), but I think philanthropic superstars are pretty cool. Given that she may have a manic, blood vial-wearing past, but now sheӳ a mother who instills empathy, compassion and generosity - And I LOVE her for that.

So these are my top 25 celebrity mothers. From balancing motherhood and their glamorous careers, coping with stress, disorders, failed marriages; these women have been there. And despite that, they continue to rock motherhood like its nobody's business. A round of applause for them? Yes sir!

So what do you guys think? Have I missed out on anyone? Anyone else who ought to have been there on the top 25? I'm waiting to hear from you!!

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