8 Hottest Celebrity Siblings ...

Sometimes talent runs in the family, which has led to a bunch of celebrity siblings in Hollywood! And then there are those who have been blessed with both talent and good looks. Often I find myself not even knowing that my favorite celebrity crush has an equally good looking brother that I can swoon over until I look it up! This is why I've compiled a list of 9 hottest celebrity siblings for you to drool over.

1. Hemsworth Brothers

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Just mentioning the names of Chris and Liam Hemsworth make women swoon, and thus why they are number 1 on this list of hottest celebrity siblings. It's been great getting to see both of them on the big screen recently, with Chris playing Thor in "The Avengers" and Liam playing Gale in "The Hunger Games." These Australian actors were definitely blessed with some amazing genes! They also have a third oldest brother named Luke who is not as well known but definitely just as gorgeous!

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