8 Hottest Celebrity Siblings ...


8 Hottest Celebrity Siblings ...
8 Hottest Celebrity Siblings ...

Sometimes talent runs in the family, which has led to a bunch of celebrity siblings in Hollywood! And then there are those who have been blessed with both talent and good looks. Often I find myself not even knowing that my favorite celebrity crush has an equally good looking brother that I can swoon over until I look it up! This is why I've compiled a list of 9 hottest celebrity siblings for you to drool over.

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Hemsworth Brothers

Hemsworth Brothers Just mentioning the names of Chris and Liam Hemsworth make women swoon, and thus why they are number 1 on this list of hottest celebrity siblings. It's been great getting to see both of them on the big screen recently, with Chris playing Thor in "The Avengers" and Liam playing Gale in "The Hunger Games." These Australian actors were definitely blessed with some amazing genes! They also have a third oldest brother named Luke who is not as well known but definitely just as gorgeous!


Skarsgård Brothers

Skarsgård Brothers I actually had no idea that Alexander Skarsgård had a little brother until watching Hemlock Grove on Netflix recently! In fact, after doing some research, I learned that Alexander has 7 siblings, so I'm just going to focus on the most notable ones! Alexander, Bill, and Gustak Skarsgård are all such smoldering siblings that are famous for their TV shows "True Blood," "Hemlock Grove," and "Vikings."


Franco Brothers

Franco Brothers Sadly, I had no idea James Franco had a brother until I saw him in "21 Jump Street" last year! They also have another brother named Tom who isn't in the spotlight as much. You can imagine my excitement knowing that there was more than one Franco in the world, especially when they all look so similar!


Olsen Twins

Olsen Twins Don't worry, girls, this list of hottest celebrity siblings includes us ladies too! Everyone remembers the Olsen Twins, and although they aren't in the spotlight as much, they are still gorgeous! The girls are now focusing on their fashion careers and staying away from the film world for the time being. Hopefully they will come back someday so we can see more of them!


Wilson Brothers

Wilson Brothers You have to love two brothers who will make you laugh! I'm sure by now you all know Owen and Luke Wilson. These two southern natives have even dated the likes of Hollywood beauties Drew Barrymore (Luke) and Kate Hudson (Owen). Plus it's an added bonus that they are in some of my all-time favorite movies like "Legally Blonde," "Marley & Me," "Old School," and "Wedding Crashers"!


Madden Brothers

Madden Brothers If you're more into punk/rock guys, the Madden brothers are right up your alley. Joel Madden is the lead singer and front-man for the band Good Charlotte, while Benji Madden is the guitarist. Sorry to say that Joel is happily married to Nicole Richie, but his brother Benji is still on the market!


Mara Sisters

Mara Sisters The Mara sisters may not be as well known as the others on this list but their names are definitely growing! You may recognize Rooney from films such as "The Social Network" and "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo," while her older sister Kate had starring roles on the first season of "American Horror Story" and "House of Cards." Both girls are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what they have coming up next!


Fanning Sisters

Fanning Sisters I still remember when these two platinum blonde beauties were just little girls! Now they seem to have grown up overnight! Dakota Fanning is now 19 and her younger sister Elle is 15. Dakota is definitely the more well known sister but Elle has been making her way up, starring in films such as "Super 8," "The Nines," and "We Bought a Zoo." There's something about them that you can't help but love!

There are probably a bunch of other celebrity siblings that I don't even know about that should be on this list. That's where you come in! Let us know who your favorite celebrity siblings are! If you don't know of any others, which of the siblings on this list are your favorites?

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fun list!

We need a part 2.

Tia *

The kardashian sisters!!!

Franco Brothers

Kardashian sisters!!

Hemsworth and Franco brothers!!!!

My fav twiins have to b the mowry siisters. They r so cool n laid back.

Peyton & Eli?

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