7 Actors with the Best Eyes ...

The first thing I notice about a person is their eyes and these are the actors with the best eyes that I have ever seen! Whether they are green, blue, grey or brown, eyes are the windows to the soul and I always feel like I can read a person better by looking into their eyes. I hope that you agree that these are some of the actors with the best eyes!

1. Ian Somerhalder

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Ian Somerhalder is absolutely one of the top 7 actors with the best eyes! I may have a slight celebrity obsession with him, but can you blame me?! He is one of the stars of The Vampire Diaries and it is the perfect role for him because he has deeply intense and hypnotizing eyes, even without special effects or contacts! I think it’s the combination of dark hair and abnormally bright eyes that makes him stand out for me. I just love him!

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