11 Amazing Celebrity Makeovers That Make Great Inspiration ...


11 Amazing Celebrity Makeovers That Make Great Inspiration ...
11 Amazing Celebrity Makeovers That Make Great Inspiration ...

Have you ever noticed how many celebrity makeovers there are every year? Whether it’s a relatively new celebrity trying out a whole new look or a familiar face breaking the mold with a new style, it seems celebs love a good makeover just as much as the rest of us. So if you fancy a change this year, check out some of these amazing celebrity makeovers for inspiration!

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Victoria Beckham…

Victoria Beckham… It’s hard to believe the transformation that Mrs Beckham has gone through – it must be one of the most striking celebrity makeovers ever! She was famous for her pout and tiny mini dresses as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls, but soon went for a more elegant style after meeting her husband. Now she’s rarely seen without an impeccable outfit, perfectly groomed hair and amazing heels. She’s even got her own fashion line! Get the look easily by shopping for elegant classics such as a strapless black jumpsuit, or a striking monochrome shift dress.


Marc Jacobs…

Marc Jacobs… Designer Marc Jacobs is now widely known for his toned body after stripping off for the Bang fragrance ad, but he wasn’t always such a hunk. Just a few years ago, Marc was scruffy, hairy, overweight and lacked his trademark tattoos. He decided to make some big changes just before his 50th birthday, and my, does he look good for it.


Britney Spears…

Britney Spears… Britney is the Queen of celebrity makeovers. She broke onto the music scene with a very youthful look, quickly ditched it for a string of sexy outfits, tiny mini dresses and that must-have long blonde hair…and then shaved her head and beat a car up with an umbrella. Her style may have suffered when she went through numerous marriages – she’s famed for getting married in personalized tracksuits – but she showed that she’s back to her best with some amazing outfits on the X Factor. Win.


Selena Gomez…

Selena Gomez… Selena hit the big time as a Disney star, and her wardrobe definitely reflected that with its cute and youthful designs. Since she ditched Disney, though, the starlet’s style has grown up. She broke out striking floor-length dresses and daring cut-out designs after splitting from Justin Bieber, and she’s now regularly seen rocking gorgeous gowns on the red carpet.


Rita Ora…

Rita Ora… Rita Ora has been in all the fashion mags for years – but until recently, she was usually being slated for her crazy wardrobe choices. While Rita hasn’t changed her bold fashion sense, she’s learnt how to tie it together perfectly, making her one of the most copied celebrities around. From neon suits to bold jumpsuits, she styles her love for big prints out with a cherry-red lip and big, bouncy hair. She’s even appeared on British GQ this year. If you haven’t copied any of Rita’s looks yet, it’s time to add some color to your wardrobe!



Tulisa… Tulisa was well known for her street style as part of N-Dubz, but when she left the band, she left her old style behind too. Her stint as a UK X-Factor judge brought about a range of chic mini dresses, floor length gowns and pencil skirts, and she definitely gave fellow judge Nicole Scherzinger a run for her money as the best dressed judge. She took it one step further recently, stepping out for the first time since the drug charges in April with a very new look. Nude make-up, long hair extensions and a figure-hugging bandage dress gave her a very classy appearance, and the star claims she’s just got great make-up to thank.


Miley Cyrus…

Miley Cyrus… This is probably one of the most controversial celebrity makeovers – Miley Cyrus. Unlike fellow Disney star Selena, who ditched the child-friendly look for a sophisticated look, Miley went for a much more punk image. Short hair, gold nails, plenty of rings and necklaces…she’s even got a wardrobe full of midriff-baring crop tops and leather. While there seems to be plenty of critics for her new grown-up look – including her dad – it’s gained her several magazine covers, including UK ELLE, and thousands of adoring fans.


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne didn't just lose a lot of weight, she revamped her whole look! She went from the punk, angry child of Ozzy Osbourne to a classy fashionista. Sure, she can probably still party with the best of them, but just look at her! Not only does she look good, but she's taken seriously in the field she has chosen to work in. Good for you, Kelly!



Snooki I'm the first one to say that Snooki got on my nerves. I didn't even watch "The Jersey Shore" and she annoyed me, but boy has she turned everything around. After she gave birth to her son, she changed herself and her life to better fit being a mother. She lost weight and stopped all the crazy partying. While I'm sure she would love a good party once in a while, she still looks great and has chosen to be a great mom. She no longer rocks the trashy look, but has traded it in for something a bit prettier.


Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie I've always chosen Nicole Richie over her once counterpart Paris Hilton. Back in her "Simple Life" days she wore some not so flattering, not so classy outfits, and had her hair done in quite a few colors. Nowadays she has her own clothing line and family. She no longer does her hair in any crazy ways, everything with her is now simple, clean, and classy.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Oh Angelina! What a turn around!! Does anyone remember what she used to look like? She was always showing off her tattoos and, with that, a lot of skin. She wore dark colors and looked a little grungy, but it worked for her. Now she's turned into this classy woman that people look to for fashion. She's really pulled it together and looks absolutely beautiful, not that she wasn't before.

I definitely feel like mixing up my look this season – which of these celebrity makeovers would you love to try? I’m tempted by Selena…

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Wish we could see some before pics, too.

Miley never got to be an actual kid. She was, and still is, under the public eye. If she did something odd as a youngster, the magazines and other things would completely trash on her. Now that she and Disney have parted, she gets to be a "kid". She now rebels because of her poor childhood. I wish she could have more respect for herself. So many children used to look up to her. But now, it has all gone to shame.

Really!!! Victoria beckham just looks like a bitch. I would never follow her style. For that matter. Miley Cyrus either. Just looks like a young kid trying to figure out who she is.

I don't really think you can put Miley, she more like copied than anything

Why does miley have granny pantys on? At least they match her hair:)

I think they are all inspirations! Gotta be you

I HATE Miley cyrus's new look! She looks absolutely awful.... She has completely ruined herself! :/

Miley Cyrus

Miley cyrus

Didn't mean to send that lol well I think there all amazing there unique & it's there bodies they can wear whatever they want love there styles

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