This is Why Chip and Joanna Are the Cutest Couple around ...


Who isn't totally in love with Chip and Joanna Gaines? I mean, I can't decide if I want them as my best friends or if I'd rather they somehow adopted me... or both, maybe? These are all the reasons I adore Chip and Jojo, and why you probably do, too.

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They're Genuinely in Love

They're Genuinely in Love I know it's just a TV show, and they've got to be playing for the cameras, but you can't script a love like theirs - we all know Chip loves Joanna, and she loves him too, probably even more than she loves shiplap.


Those Kids!

Those Kids! I swear my favorite part of every show, even more than the big reveal, is when Chip brings the kids to see Jojo when she's staging the house.


Chip is a Kid

Chip is a Kid There are times when I wonder how Jojo manages to parent all of those gorgeous, well-behaved children... and Chip... and all the same time. He's such a kid, and that's part of the reason I love him!


Their Faith

Their Faith This isn't something that matters to me, but I'm sure they do have fans because of their religious beliefs. They seem sincere, don't they?


Their Epic "battles"

Their Epic "battles" Every few episodes, Chip challenges Joanna to some sort of contest, and she usually wins. But never, ever, do either of them get angry or hurt... it's all in good fun.


They're a Team

They're a Team You can just tell that Chip has Jojo's back, and she has his. They're a team, in their business, in their family, in everything, and that's admirable and sweet.


Jojo's Style

Jojo's Style I confess: I love Jojo in part because of her style, in her decorating, in her design, in her love of French doors, in her hair and makeup and in her clothes.


Chip's Glory Days

Chip's Glory Days I love it when Chip talks about being a kid, a young man, in love with Jojo and trying to impress her. I think, actually, most of the stuff he does now is to impress her... and I think it works.


They're near Opposites

They're near Opposites Chip and Joanna are pretty much the poster couple for the expression "opposites attract." She's cooler, calmer, and quieter; he's boisterous and funny... and they each bring out the best in the other.


The Outtakes

The Outtakes I love the outtakes and bloopers they occasionally share on the show... they're not afraid to laugh at themselves.


They Stay Small

They Stay Small I'm sure other couples would have taken their show on the road, venturing into franchises and such, but they haven't. Chip and Joanna seem to have zero interest in spreading out, or gaining any more fame. They seem content to stay in Waco, where they've got roots, and where apparently, housing is incredibly cheap.

What do you adore about Chip & Joanna? Did I leave something off my list?

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Their faith and their love for each other is touching. Not to mention crazy, mad skills and talent!

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