Fan-Favorite Fictional Couples Who Dated off-Screen Too ...

Whenever I find a fictional couple that I love, I can’t help but look into whether or not they fall under the category of “fictional couples who dated off screen.” I always think you can tell, based on their chemistry, if most fictional couples were together off screen too. Although some of the fictional couples ended up married to each other with kids, some only dated very briefly, so you may have never even heard about it! Some of these couples won’t be much a surprise, but a lot of these fictional couples who dated off screen too might be a little bit of a shock!

1. Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia

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If you were on Team Jess over the course of Gilmore Girls’s seven seasons, you will be happy to hear that Rory and Jess actually dated in real life for a few years. A lot of people believe that that’s why Rory and Jess worked so well on screen despite the fact that their characters seemed so different - because they had such great chemistry off screen. Rory and Jess are personally one of my favorite couples from Gilmore GIrls, so learning they actually were one of the fictional couples who dated off screen too was so exciting!

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