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There are so many celebrities who are beautiful – you can see that just by watching a movie or just about any awards show that hits the airwaves. However, as we all know when we read the tabloids (only while in the checkout lane, right?) some of them are sketchy or downright not nice human beings. On the other hand, there are some celebrities who are beautiful on the inside and the outside. They are the ones who should be our role models. Check it out!

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Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant Not only does this guy tear it up on the basketball court, but he has spent a large quantity of his own money helping the town where he grew up after it was hit by a big tornado. To the tune of $1 million! Of his own money! Not only that, but he convinced Nike to match that amount. Of all the celebrities who are beautiful inside and out, Kevin Durant might be one of the best!


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence You knew she’d make the list, didn’t you? She’s absolutely gorgeous and she has such a great sense of humor! She doesn’t take herself too seriously and she uses her celebrity status for loads of good reasons. She’s helped raise money for teens with disabilities, which is a very noble cause indeed. You can’t help but admire her – ons creen and off.


Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest He isn’t just a handsome face. Obviously, with all of the things he’s doing these days, his paychecks are nothing to shake a stick at. But he isn’t keeping it all for himself. He started The Ryan Seacrest Foundation to help sick kids in hospital. He’s gotten a variety of celebrities to help him make these kids feel special and forget about their illnesses for a while. That gets him an “A” in my book!


Paul Walker

Paul Walker Who hasn’t had a celebrity crush on Paul Walker. His tragic death brought to light some of his good works, earning him even more followers after he died. He worked tirelessly with organizations that provided disaster relief, donating his time and money to help people affected by them. We can all work to carry on his legacy here on Earth.


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron You know her from a multitude of movies, but she is busy in her personal life too. Charlize Theron works to help people in Africa who are affected by AIDS. That includes providing education and giving of money to help eradicate the disease and keep people from dying from it.



Bono Even as he ages, Bono still manages to look handsome and dignified. And he’s perhaps better known for his good works than what got him all his fame and fortune in the first place. In fact, Bono has done so much humanitarian work that he’s been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize a total of three times! He works to end poverty and disease across Africa. That includes efforts to stop famine and AIDS so that people can live healthy and long lives.


Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman You won’t see her half-clad body in the tabloids. That’s because Nicole Kidman lives a dignified lifestyle that has made her a huge success on the silver screen as well as in her everyday life. She works with the United Nations to end human rights violations against women. She is especially sensitive to the issue of violence against women. Thanks, Nicole!

Do you have any other celebrities to add to this list? I hope you have a new respect for the ones I’ve included. It really is good to see some celebrities using their status for good rather than the alternative. Am I right?

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Misha Collins!!!!

I don't think anyone has never had a celebrity crush on Paul walker!

Misha collins should be on here!!!

Angelina Jolie

Emma watson!

I miss Paul Walker

Tom Hanks?

Shakira is a great human being too

Beautiful article

Angelina Jolie and George Clooney...

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