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We all know that celebrities are attractive and glamorous and that good genes probably run in the family, so it's no surprise that there are several celebrities with attractive siblings. Many of the siblings on this list are widely unknown and have very seldom appeared in the spotlight like their famous brothers or sisters. However, not everyone needs to be a world-famous mega-star just because their family member is! Check out this list of celebrities with attractive siblings that you may have never even known about!

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Sofia Vergara's Sister, Sandra Vergara

Sofia Vergara's Sister, Sandra Vergara Sofia is among many celebrities with attractive siblings. Her sister, Sandra, who is actually her biological cousin, and was adopted by her family, has actually been paving her own path to stardom. The beautiful actress has appeared in small role on various TV shows, and also had a spread in Maxim magazine looking as stunning as her celebrity sis.


Penelope Cruz's Sister, Monica Cruz

Penelope Cruz's Sister, Monica Cruz You might have to do a double take when you see these two sisters standing next to one another. Monica went from being an accomplished flamenco dancer to an actress on a Spanish television show. The two look so much alike that when Penelope was filming Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, her pregnancy really started to show so they had Monica stand-in for long distance shots!


Blake Lively's Brother, Eric Lively

Blake Lively's Brother, Eric Lively With a sister as beautiful as Blake, it's no wonder that her younger brother is quite the babe. Eric's had a number of small roles in television and movies, including American Pie, The Butterfly Effect 2, and TV's The L Word.


Kate Hudson's Brother, Oliver Hudson

Kate Hudson's Brother, Oliver Hudson Oliver, like his sister, has also been bitten by the fame bug, but that's not too surprising when your mom is Goldie Hawn too. Oliver has appeared on Dawson's Creek, Rules of Engagement, and Nashville. We wouldn't mind seeing more of Oliver around - he's a total hunk!


Megan Fox's Sister, Kristie Branim-Fox

Megan Fox's Sister, Kristie Branim-Fox With a girl has strikingly beautiful as Megan, it's only normal to wonder if her siblings are just as breath-taking. Turns out Megan's older sister, Kristie, is seriously beautiful. She works as a guidance counselor, and we think it's safe to say that her male students probably often make trips seeking her guidance!


Zac Efron's Brother, Dylan Efron

Zac Efron's Brother, Dylan Efron Dylan has actually played Zac's brother in the film Charlie St. Cloud, but he's grown up a lot since then! Dylan has quite the six pack just like his famous bro and has caused quite a stir among the ladies!


Emma Watson's Brother, Alex Watson

Emma Watson's Brother, Alex Watson The Burberry model has a ton of English charm, just like lovely sister Emma. Good genes without a doubt run in this family! Alex even appeared as an extra in the first two Harry Potter films. Who knew the cute little brother of Emma would grow into such a stud!

While several of these siblings have tried their shot at fame, none of them have come quite as close to their brother or sister's spotlight. Regardless, they've still been able to achieve some fame and get recognized for their talents, and of course their looks. What do you think? Do you have a favorite under-the-radar celebrity sibling that didn't make this list? Please share in the comments!

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Harry Styles' sister, Gemma is flawless!

Alex Watson is actually adopted...

Omfg Zac and his sib 😱😱😱😱😘😘😘😘😘

Dylan Efron was not in Charlie St. Cloud.

Julie & Doug, Brad Pitts❤️ younger siblings ! ☺️

Oh my god.... Alex Watson Ahh

Dylan was never in Charlie St. Cloud, but he's cute that's for sure.

The Vergara's, The Cruz's, The Watson's look identical and hottttt! ;D

Oh my, you missed Harry Styles's sister Gemma!

Wow! Emma and Alex Watson look so much alike!

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