The Most Sizzling Siblings of Your Favorite Celebrities ...

We all know that celebrities are attractive and glamorous and that good genes probably run in the family, so it's no surprise that there are several celebrities with attractive siblings. Many of the siblings on this list are widely unknown and have very seldom appeared in the spotlight like their famous brothers or sisters. However, not everyone needs to be a world-famous mega-star just because their family member is! Check out this list of celebrities with attractive siblings that you may have never even known about!

1. Sofia Vergara's Sister, Sandra Vergara

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Sofia is among many celebrities with attractive siblings. Her sister, Sandra, who is actually her biological cousin, and was adopted by her family, has actually been paving her own path to stardom. The beautiful actress has appeared in small role on various TV shows, and also had a spread in Maxim magazine looking as stunning as her celebrity sis.

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