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I was really intrigued and shocked while I was doing my research for this article on celebrities who are terrible to work with. There are a lot of celebs on this list that I didn’t expect to be so troublesome on set, but according to those who have worked with them, they are simply terrible! Can you guess any of these celebrities who are terrible to work with?

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Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe Russell Crowe is probably one of the celebrities who are terrible to work with that you have heard a lot of horror stories about! A while ago he threw a phone at an employee at a hotel he was staying at! Russell Crowe has admitted to having problems controlling his anger, but that probably doesn’t make working with him any better.



Madonna Perhaps it is no wonder that a woman with such status and talent is supposedly so awful to work with. Sources say that everywhere she goes, she needs all of the furniture emptied out of her dressing room. Why is that, you ask? Because she has all of her own furniture shipped over. How awkward and expensive! She also apparently likes to be very much in control of everything, causing some problems for those who she works with.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow If you’re not on Gwyneth Paltrow’s level, forget it! The word is that on the set of Iron Man 2, she completely ignored Scarlett Johansson, not speaking a single word to her during the whole filming process! She often gives journalists the cold shoulder, and has gotten on the bad side of many actors with her aloofness.


Christian Bale

Christian Bale Even though Christian Bale seems so lovely in interviews (and who could hate that gorgeous face?), it seems he is far from it on set. While he was filming a scene in Terminator Salvation, someone walked into his line of sight, causing him to say the F-word 37 times in four minutes. This is not the only report of Mr Bale swearing and yelling at anyone who gets on his bad side.


Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl Of all the celebrities who appear to be terrible to work with, Katherine Heigl really seems to take the cake. She apparently refused to submit her name for an Emmy for her role on Grey’s Anatomy, telling the writers of the show that the material she worked with was “not good enough for an Emmy”. Ouch! She apparently constantly whinges, especially when she is made to film scenes in the cold.


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Even though she comes across as beautiful, calm and happy, while on the set of Hook with Stephen Spielberg, her fellow cast and crew nicknamed her ‘Tinkerhell’! She is apparently a total diva, demanding perfection at all times. At least you know she’ll always want to get a scene right!


Mike Myers

Mike Myers Mike Myers is a perfectionist, and this is what rubs a lot of co-stars up the wrong way. He supposedly always needs to be in control of what is happening around him. This should sum up how terrible Mike Myers is to work with: apparently he fired someone while filming Austin Powers, simply because they looked him in the eye. Now THAT is a diva!

There are so many horror stories about celebrities who are divas on set! Perhaps they are so talented that they can get away with it, or perhaps they simply continue to get what they want so they have come to expect the best! Do you know any celebrities that are a terror to work with?

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I've heard all these stories about these same celebrities so no shock there.


Gee, you'd almost think that celebrities expect to be treated better and different than everyone else because we treat them as if they are better and different than everyone else...

Wow that's crazy .. Interesting

I met Jon bon jovi and he was an arrogant ass! It broke my heart. Since then I'm no longer star struck. I would rather associate and spend my valuable time with every day people! On the other hand I met woody harrelson and what a doll! A wonderful, generous man!

I've met a few celebrities or known entertainers. The pro wrestler, Hulk Hogan, is a rude ass. Stacey Kiebler was also rather rude for no reason. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Maynard James Keenan of Tool/A Perfect Circle, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics fame, Raphael St. Barge of Once Upon A Time, and Carmen Electra are all very nice - or at least they were to me.

All of these stories are years old and originally found in the Enquirer. Heresay and conjecture.

But I love every woman on this list!

I know several people that have work/have worked for Taylor Swift and they've all said she's a real witch!

Katherine is such a brat.

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