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It seems as if Hollywood is consumed with family ties. There are plenty of celebrities who are related to someone famous in the music, acting, or TV industry. These famous family members have either paved the way for them and or have already made a name for relatives who would like to follow in their footsteps. Let's jump right on into "7 Celebrities Who are Related to Someone Famous."

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Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts

Emma Roberts and Julia Roberts To start off our list of celebrities who are related to someone famous, we have Emma Roberts. She first rose to fame during her role as Addie on Nickelodeon’s musical television series "Unfabulous." She went on to make a debut album titled "Unfabulous and More," which also acted as the soundtrack for the show. Other accomplishments include movie roles in "Nancy Drew," "Aquamarine," and "Lymelife." However, in 2010 the now 23-year-old had the chance to act alongside her aunt Julia Roberts in the romantic comedy film "Valentine’s Day."


Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker

Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker Who would have known that these two men were second cousins? American TV weather presenter Al Roker is first cousins to Lenny Kravitz’s mother, Roxie Roker. Roxie is best known for her starring role on CBS’ 1975 hit TV series “The Jeffersons.” Her son went on to become a mainstream funk-rock musician, songwriter, clothing designer, and actor. Since they’re only 10 years apart, I wonder if the two men ever hang out.


Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy The funny and hilarious Melissa McCarthy is related to former Playboy nude model Jenny McCarthy. Melissa started her career through the help of her cousin, who landed her a TV role in her 90s sitcom “The Best of Jenny.” Melissa has continued her career in other comedic roles like “The Hangover III,” “Bridesmaid,” and “Gilmore Girls.” Jenny, on the other hand, now hosts her own show “The Jenny McCarthy Show” and sits as one of the co-hosts on “The View.”


Brandy and Snoop Dog

Brandy and Snoop Dog Apparently, R&B singer Brandy, 35, and 42-year-old Hip-hop artist Snoop Dog (or preferably Snoop Lion) are cousins. How they ended up doing two completely different genres of music is quite fascinating. The rapper once released the information in an MTV interview, but said he never thought it was a big deal. Well, of course it is! That would also mean that Brandy’s brother Ray J is Snoop Dog’s little cousin as well. Now that their relation is evident, I can see the resemblance.


Dave Franco and James Franco

Dave Franco and James Franco Actor Dave Franco of “21 Jump Street” is following in the footsteps of his older brother James Franco. James started his career in 1997 and went on to star in films like the “Spider-Man” trilogies, “Pineapple Express,” and “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Clearly these two are related because both are awfully attractive. Dave has once said in an interview that being related to James was a “blessing and a curse” but “I’m slowly getting to the point where I can be my own person.”


Fantasia Barrino and K-Ci and JoJo

Fantasia Barrino and K-Ci and JoJo The “Lose to Win” songstress and former American Idol winner is related to one of the most soulful R&B duo singers of the 90s. K-Ci and JoJo first began their singing career in 1990. They were most noted for their collaboration with 2pac's number one R&B single “How Do you U Want It". Their 1997 album “Love Always” released their smash hit “All My Life.” Although we don't hear from them anymore, Fantasia Barrino now carries on their legacy. The singing talent that runs in this family is indisputable!


Elizabeth Olsen and Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen and Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen This one may be quite obvious. Twenty-five year-old American actress Elizabeth Olsen is the baby sister of twin sisters Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The twin girls started their acting career as little babies on ABC’s “Full House.” The pair debuted their film “It Takes Two” in 1995 and appeared in ABC’s sitcom “Two of a Kind.” Now, the ladies are committed to couture fashion while Elizabeth continues to land acting roles in films like “Godzilla.”

What are some other famous celebrity family ties? Are you related to anyone famous?

Sources: people.com

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Brandy and Ray J are also siblings

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