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9 Sexiest Ice Bucket Challenges with the Hottest Guys in Hollywood ...

By Holly

Lately, all of our favorite celebrities have been completing ice bucket challenges in order to raise money for ALS. Even though they have the choice of pouring ice water on their heads or donating money, many of them are deciding to do both. The ice bucket challenges have raised awareness of ALS, and millions of dollars have been donated. While we should be proud of our favorite celebrities for being so kind, we can also admire their gorgeousness as they complete the challenge.

1 Stephen Amell

Stephen is the star of the CW's Arrow. He completed one of the sexiest ice bucket challenges by showing off his amazing abs. If you like seeing him shirtless and drenched in water, make sure to check out his show. There are plenty of half-naked scenes that you'll love watching.

2 Niall Horan

If you're a fan of One Direction, then you've probably already seen this video. Of course, there's nothing wrong with watching it again and again. Just make sure that you're thankful over Niall's decision to wear a white tank top, because it shows off his beautiful body.


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3 David Beckham

Here's another shirtless ice bucket challenge to drool over. This video has everything. Beckham is on his knees, speaks in his British accent, shows off his tattoos, and helps out a charity. What more could you possibly want in a man?

4 Chris Hemsworth

Chances are you'll spend the entire video staring at those arms. However, if you listen to him speak, you'll notice that he nominated his Avengers costars. If you're a fan of the franchise, it's something to be excited about.

5 Lebron James

It's hard to resist a gorgeous guy on a boat with sparkling water in the background. Don't you wish you were there with Lebron in person? Well, don't get too jealous, because the experience is on video for you to enjoy as many times as you'd like. You even get to hear him scream.

6 Drake

This is one concert that you wouldn't want to miss. Even though Drake starts off the challenge with a shirt, he ends up ripping it off of himself. The fans in the audience definitely got their money's worth.

7 Robert Pattinson

Even if you hated Twilight, you have to admit that Robert Pattinson is attractive. He couldn't find a bucket for the challenge, but that didn't stop him from getting drenched in freezing cold water. Not only is this video sexy, but it's pretty funny as well.

8 The Rock

It's not surprising to see that The Rock deals with ice water like a champ. It doesn't even faze him, but we're certainly fazed by those muscles. They're hard to look away from.

9 Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt tries to make a silly video about drinking blue ice vodka instead of getting ice water poured on his head. However, his wife isn't satisfied with that idea. She drenches him from the balcony, and causes him to laugh adorably.

If you haven't been challenged yet, you can still donate money to the cause. It's always nice to be charitable, so let your favorite celebrities act as good role models and inspire you to donate money, or at least to spread the message about ALS. Which celebrity created your favorite ice bucket challenge video?

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