7 Celebrities with Anxiety Disorders ...

You would think that celebrities with anxiety disorders would be uncommon; however, it does happen for a few in showbiz. These actors, singers, and talk show hosts are constantly in the spotlight, which can sometimes be overwhelming. Most of them have come to recognize their sufferings and have sought appropriate mental treatment. Let's review some of these celebrities with anxiety disorders.

1. Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson may currently be a kick ass action figure in Hollywood, but she deals with severe nervousness while on movie sets. Sources say that the Black Widow has experienced panic attacks right before filming movies like β€œThe Avengers.” Well, that's understandable because she has big shoes to fill. For the most part, Johansson seems like a pretty calm, laid-back actress who aims to perfect her craft. In her latest superhero movie, β€œCaptain America: The Winter Soldier,” you would have never been able to detect that she is one of the many celebrities with anxiety disorders.

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