8 Hottest British Celebrities ...


8 Hottest British Celebrities ...
8 Hottest British Celebrities ...

Hot British Celebrities may be familiar names or may as of yet only be famous across the pond but they do have a tendency to go viral when Hollywood or a big US TV corp picks up on our little island vibe. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, sometimes you can’t help but have a little perv on the current hottest British celebrities. Whoever you think is the hottest is entirely subjective, but this list has been compiled based on who are consistently in the spotlight, who are up and coming and who are undeniably good-looking folks. Most of my top 8 Hottest British Celebrities are also judged by their talent because let’s face it, good looks can only go so far and good talent raises those with it above the rest. Let’s check out some hot British celebrities – lustful thoughts allowed!

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Tom Hardy

This is one sexy man. You may have seen him first in the harrowingly dark prison drama Bronson, Layer Cake or RocknRolla, but he rose to Hollywood prominence in Christopher Nolan’s huge blockbuster Inception. Since then he’s starred in the top films Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Warrior. His powerfully gritty talents, muscular build and bad boy charm has shot him straight into the top spot of hot British celebrities. He’s rising high with momentum and hopefully won’t be slowing down for a while.


Cheryl Cole

America may have raised their eyebrows and strained their ears at understanding her thick Geordie accent, but it’s undeniable that Cheryl Cole is one of Britain’s hottest celebrities. Rising to fame from girl band Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole is rarely out of the magazines for either her great sense in fashion, turbulent relationship with footballer Ashley Cole, or her role as judge in The X-Factor. She’s one of Britain’s heartthrobs with a beautiful face and ambitious career.


Keira Knightley

A bit like Marmite if you ask me, (love her or hate her) but she is definitely one of the most well known British celebrities around. Despite her first major film role as a girl who looks like a dude in Bend it Like Beckham, she has landed a bucket load of big films, both British and Hollywood, usually playing the role of an English Rose beauty. On top of that, she’s the spokesmodel for Coco Chanel. With angular yet ethereal beauty, Keira Knightley is one of the more noble hot British celebrities.


Ben Barnes

Barnes rose to stardom after starring in the titular role of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. He was then considered so breathtaking he was again cast in a title role of Oscar Wilde’s dangerously beautiful gentleman in the Picture of Dorian Gray. His chiseled looks and flowing dark hair don’t match the original’s blonde hair and blue eyes but his good-looks overrode any dissimilarities, as he believably portrays a man who was so beautiful, destruction lay at his feet at the expense of his soul.


Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt is one of the most talented around and fully deserves her billing as a hot British celebrity. This beautiful lady starred in her first major Hollywood role in The Devil Wears Prada, and is considered the film’s Scene-Stealer with her heartfelt performance. In 2009 she also appeared in the challenging role of Queen Victoria in The Young Victoria, and can now be seen in British Comedy Fishing in the Yemen with Ewan McGregor.


Ewan McGregor

He sang his song and took our breath away in Moulin Rouge! He awed us with his light-saber skills in Star Wars. He showed the world his humility and sense of adventure in Long Way Round. He is one of Britain’s favorite celebrities. Ewan McGregor is multi-talented and seems like a genuinely lovely man, adding to his hotness status. Never short of a big movie hit, his cheeky Scottish charm and good-looks make him one of Britain’s all-time celebrity delights.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Victorias Secret and Burberry model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is considered Britain’s answer to Megan Fox. She even replaced Fox in the third installment of the Transformers franchise with Transformers: Dark of the Moon. With a charming British accent and model physique, Rosie is ridiculously sultry and sexy and is the next hot British celebrity to look out for.


Benedict Cumberbatch

The last slot in this blog was difficult to fill as there are so many talented and hot British celebrities out there. But I decided on Cumberbatch, because despite his quirky appearance, his formidable talent in acting and mesmerizing presence on camera is leading him towards the path of great prestige and fame in the acting world. Cumberbatch’s prominence can be seen in major films such as Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Atonement, War Horse and soon will play the lead villain in the next Star Trek movie and the voice of Smaug in the highly-anticipated The Hobbit. He also won over much of Britain in his provocative portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the BBC Drama Sherlock. His refined and rather posh background makes him the face of a true English gentleman with enough talent to bump him up to being one of the hottest British celebrities of today.

I hope you agree with most of the people on this list, and if you’ve not heard of some of them, look them up! I had to sacrifice adding notable hot British celebrities such as Jude Law and Kate Moss because some would say their best years have passed and there are newer and more interesting celebrities you should keep an eye out for. If you don’t agree, who would you say are 8 of the Hottest British Celebrities? Please share your thoughts!

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Ben Cumberbatch is our favourite talented, tortured, gorgous nerd - the cumberbitches will fight to stop him leaving UK for too long. Just wait til you see him in Parade's End - global jaw dropping But we'd also like Andrew Garfield back please (quite brilliant) and don't forget the more esoteric but wonderful and beautiful Cillian Murphy (luckily no risk that we'll lose him from these shores)

Tom Hiddleston!

As a brit i find this feature really patronizing

Why isn't Daniel Craig on there?!

Jude Law? :(

forgot to mention one direction! :P -cierra

No Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson :(

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