7 Women Who Prove You Can Be Happy without a Husband ...


7 Women Who Prove You Can Be Happy without a Husband ...
7 Women Who Prove You Can Be Happy without a Husband ...

You don't need a husband in order to feel fulfilled. You're perfectly capable of finding happiness on your own. Even if you find the man of your dreams, you don't need to marry him in order to make your relationship feel important. Don't believe it? Well, according to Women's Health Mag, these celebrities prove that you can be happy without a husband:

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SARAH SILVERMAN Sarah doesn't need a man in order to be happy with her life, because her career, friends, and family make her happy enough. She even said on Twitter, "Just read that I wanna get married which is hilarious b/c I will never get married.”


Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes This clever woman was the creator of Grey’s Anatomy. Even though a man once proposed to her, she turned the offer down, because she didn't believe that marriage was right for her. She was happy enough without it.



DIANE KEATON This amazing actress once said, "I'm attracted to men, and I love playing around with them. But a life shared together? That's a different world. I think you have to be somebody who can compromise and be realistic. I could never do it. Ever." Marriage just isn't meant for some people.



DIANE KRUGER Diane is a beautiful actress and model. Even though millions of men would kill to have her, she has been quoted saying that she's "not married and doesn't intend to be."



KRISTIN DAVIS She has said, “I do remember being young and thinking, 'Why are all these people getting married?’” Some people just don't understand the hype. If that sounds like you, then don't feel pressured to get married.

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee


OPRAH WINFREY Oprah proves that you can have a long-term relationship, but avoid marriage. She's been dating her boyfriend for thirty years! She doesn't feel the need to get married in order to validate her feelings.



KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN Kourtney is another celeb who had a long-term boyfriend, but refused to marry him. She proves that you can be happy with a man without agreeing to marry him. A wedding won't change your relationship, after all.

Are you happy without a husband?

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I don't understand the obsession that some women have with getting married. I have never wanted to get married. I love my freedom too much

Hahaha what a joke to show those celebrities and why on earth does one have to look at their lives for an example you don't need anything to be anything but as a human being there will be things in life that you would feel the need to be a part of be it wrong or right! That is just me.

I'm married it's wonderful and your right marriage isn't for everyone that's ok

@bunny hehe yes you are so right...... Even little things like having a pretty bedspread with cute plush toys, and no macho guy to complain about it lol

Modern women have financial independence, mobility and all of the convenience of the modern world, so there is no need to get married unless you feel that it is right for you personally.

Love this!

This is interesting to hear other celebrities' opinions on marriage, and I agree marriage is not all that in life, it's not meant for all people, for some it's better to just live with your partner rather than marrying them and not suffer a huge heartbreak or a divorce mess of money..

I am married but this is pretty cool lol 😀

I totally agree. I have never wanted to get married, or live with a man full time. I like men just don't want them in my face all the time.

I am single and enjoying the utter freedom and independence!!! To do what you like, when you like, how you like is breath taking ♥

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