You'll Cringe at These Unbelievably Awkward Celeb Interviews ...


Have you seen any of these totally cringe-worthy, awkward celebrity interviews? If not, now is the time to catch up and comment your thoughts on which was the most awkward!

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Cara Delevingne

Poor Cara has a crappy interview with Good Day about her role in the hit movie 'Paper Towns' when they ask her pretty silly questions like did she even read the book it was based off (pretty insulting really) and basically insinuating that she doesn't seem very 'excited' to be talking about the movie! Could this be any more cringe?!


Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake

Mila is left defending co-star Justin Timberlake (in Russian, I might add) in an interview for their movie 'Friends with Benefits' when one reporter questions Justin's transition from music to movies, even going as far as to ask 'isn't showbiz enough for him'? Good on Mila for sticking up for him and proving to this reporter that people are free to do whatever they want!


Mila Kunis

This young guy interviewing Mila believes he has a special connection with her, enough to ask her out a whopping two times in just six minutes! He invites her to go out for a drink with him at his local pub, go get Nandos chicken with him and attend a league game together! Luckily Mila finds the whole thing pretty funny, plays along and has fun with it!


Taylor Swift

Poor Taylor looks a bit shocked when a reporter says to her 'I'm sure you're going to be walking home with more than a trophy tonight...lots of men!' Taylor is quick to shut her down and tells her that there's no men and she's actually just going hang out with her friends after the event! Even if it wasn't meant maliciously you have to admit it sounded bad!


Jennifer Lawrence

Spoiler Alert! Jennifer had her favourite TV show 'Homeland' ruined by her interviewer after she revealed one of the characters who was killed in the third season. Jennifer hadn't seen it yet and was pretty annoyed when the surprise was spoiled for her! Luckily though, she's able to laugh about it...kind of, anyway.


Nicki Minaj

Nicki gets pretty angry and annoyed when she realises that the radio interviewers hardly know her music and are so unorganised that they don't have her songs ready to be played next! She asks them how they can ask her questions about her music when they haven't bothered to listen to any of it prior to her coming on the show!


Robert Downey Jr

The awkwardness starts towards the end of this interview, when Robert makes it clear he finds the questions he's being asked irrelevant to movie he's there to promote and is often seen looking off camera to his left to his publicist! The interview takes a turn for the worse when the interviewer brings up Robert's past struggles with drugs and drinking as well as his relationship with his father, which is the last straw for Robert, understandably. It ends with Robert walking out on the interview!

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