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The Harry Potter movies catapulted its lead actors to super stardom and all of us are familiar with the careers of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint since they left Hogwarts and defeated Voldermort (yes- it’s safe to say his name now). But they were joined by some great actors in the lesser roles to bring JK Rowling’s Wizarding World to life, so before the movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them brings us a new host of stars, let’s take a look at where the supporting HP cast are now.

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Bonnie Wright Aka Ginny Weasley

hair, human hair color, color, red, beauty, The girl who actually managed to bag Harry has been busy since the movies ended, starring in lots of different projects while also becoming an emerging talent in both modelling and music video directing!


Matthew Lewis Aka Neville Longbottom

hair, white, face, facial hair, clothing, Matthew has continued to star in both film and television, but is perhaps most known for spawning the verb “to Longbottom” which means turning from an awkward young teen in to a drop dead gorgeous man!


Evanna Lynch Aka Luna Lovegood

hair, human hair color, face, blond, nose, Evanna has been an ever present in the acting world since the end of Harry Potter, and she has also been an outspoken campaigner for many different issues surrounding mental health and body image following her own struggles with anorexia.


Sean Biggerstaff Aka Oliver Wood

color, hair, face, blue, person, We all loved him as one of the quidditch aces for Gryffindor, and since this teenage role Sean has played a depressed doctor on the stage and also shared the big screen with Eddie Izzard in 2016’s Whisky Galore.


Stan Yanevski Aka Viktor Krum

t shirt, clothing, person, male, man, As Krum, Stan came in danger of ruining Hermione and Ron’s love story, and today he is so hot that given a few extra years he might have won her over completely! Check him out; he’s tattooed to the max!


Jessie Cave Aka Lavender Brown

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, blond, Jessie doesn’t seem to be doing much acting these days, instead following another path and becoming an accomplished illustrator. She has released a wonderful book called Love Sick.


Alfred Enoch Aka Dean Thomas

hair, person, hairstyle, fashion, photo shoot, Alfred is arguably one of the most successful supporting actors post Potter, nailing the role of Wes on the smash hit show How to Get Away with Murder.


Harry Melling Aka Dudley Dursley

face, hair, cheek, facial expression, eyebrow, Dudley certainly wasn’t our favorite person in the Harry Potter universe, but Harry Melling played him well and since the films ended he has appeared in a wide range of short films and TV episodes.


Katie Leung Aka Cho Chang

hair, face, person, woman, hairstyle, Katie is still rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in the industry, as she is starring in the movie The Foreigner alongside legends Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan!


Josh Herdman Aka Gregory Goyle

Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Activision, Xbox One, person, nose, Looks like Herdman took his brute force character to another level, as he is now an accomplished martial artist! He continues to act too, and also has become a father since the films finished.


Clemence Poesy Aka Fleur Delacour

hair, human hair color, face, blond, nose, One of the more popular supporting characters, Clemence has remained busy in the acting industry with some successful TV series, and judging by her Instagram feed she indulges in reading whenever she has spare time!


Natalia Tena Aka Nymphadora Tonks

hair, hairstyle, beauty, wedding dress, dress, Any popular TV fans will be familiar with Natalia’s face not just through Harry Potter but also through her role as the feisty Osha in Game of Thrones. No spoilers!


Hugh Mitchell Aka Colin Creevey

hair, person, hairstyle, portrait, model, Baby faced Hugh was really sweet as the attentive Colin Creevey, and he has remained in the industry as an actor while also branching out in to the world of composing.


Devon Murray Aka Seamus Finnigan

hair, face, person, facial hair, man, We all loved Seamus and his penchant for blowing things up, but it doesn’t seem as though Devon Murray has done much acting since. You can, however, still catch him at various Harry Potter conventions.


Afshan Azad Aka Padma Patil

hair, black hair, blue, photography, beauty, Ashan hasn’t been seen in many acting productions since her Harry Potter days, but her Instagram is always a fun place to check out and see photos of mini reunions with other members of the cast.


Scarlett Byrne Aka Pansy Parkinson

hair, face, eyebrow, cheek, nose, Scarlett has definitely managed to do well for herself since playing Pansy, with recurring roles on both The Vampire Diaries and Falling Skies. She’s also engaged to Hugh Hefner’s son!


Luke Youngblood Aka Lee Jordan

hair, face, hairstyle, eyebrow, forehead, Luke’s real name is more Harry Potter feeling than his character’s name, don’t you think!? Since the movies he is probably best known for his roles on Galavant and Community.


Freddie Stroma Aka Cormac McClaggan

hair, person, people, man, male, Freddie has been far more diverse in his post HP personas. Roles in Pitch Perfect and Game of Thrones have been followed by two TV series, unreal and the still to be seen sci-fi drama, Time after Time (coming in 2017)


Domnhall Gleeson

hair, person, man, hairstyle, facial hair, Being a HP werewolf hasn’t held Domnhall back in any way and he has taken a big bite of the movie industry. After a starring role in About Time, appearing in Ex Machina and The Revenant, he went on to be General Hux in Star Wars Episode VII and will be back in Episode VIII.

Who was your favorite supporting character?

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