17 Celebrity TBT Photos You're Going to Flip over ...


I love #TBT! Throwback Thursday is fun for so many reasons – sharing old photos of yourself and your life with your friends, seeing their throwback pictures, remembering all those moments, reliving your best days – it's one of my favorite hashtag trends! You know what's really fun, though? Celebrity #TBT photos. If you ask me, nothing proves that the stars are just like us better than an embarrassing grade school photo!

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From Tay Tay to Taylor

From Tay Tay to Taylor I'm not even the biggest Taylor Swift fan, but she was an adorable little girl who grew up into a stunning young woman. I really want to pinch her #TBT cheeks.


Mariah & Will

Mariah & Will Mariah Carey and Will Smith. Look at them. He was in serious Fresh Prince mode and she was the reigning '90s queen. Mariah was genuinely like the Beyonce of the 1990s.


Zac Efron

Zac Efron Zac's hair. His hair. Did he crimp his hair or do you think he braided it to fake some dreadlocks? (I used to do that. I'm not proud.)


Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions I'm sad about the upcoming Cruel Intentions reboot because where is Sebastian? Seriously, Ryan in this photo is just ridiculous. RIP Ryan and Reese.


David Beckham

David Beckham Could you die?!



Eminem I love Eminem too much to include his #TBT birthday picture, so let's just admire him on SNL!


John Stamos

John Stamos Stamos in this photo looks almost like Scott Baio, to be honest.


The Rock

The Rock I love the Rock. I love this picture of the Rock. I love the Rock's fanny pack.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox Serious question: do you think anyone teased Megan Fox about her unibrow? Serious follow-up question: if they did, do you think they feel like huge jerks now?


George Clooney

George Clooney You can see glimpses of the legendary hottie he was going to become. That little snub nose, though.


Another Eminem

Another Eminem I'm still avoiding the pink Alf shirt pic. I just can't. I also cannot believe this goofy kid grew up into the future father of my children.



Drake Started at the bottom – this was even before Jimmy.


Adam Levine

Adam Levine Dear Adam. I think his openness about his acne is inspiring, though. It does not have to define your life.


Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin The girl in this photograph had no idea what her future held.


Kim K and Nicole Richie

Kim K and Nicole Richie I'll say it: these two were adorable. I've always been partial to Nicole, I don't know why, and she is eight kinds of adorable in this #TBT.


Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff She hasn't even aged a day.


Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler This is maybe the best #TBT ever. I want to be friends with tiny Chelsea.

Do you have a favorite celebrity #TBT? How about one of your own that you're willing to share?

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