These Gender Fluid Celebs Are Just Plain Sexy ...

I love that the world today is becoming so much more open. People are finally recognizing that gender and sexuality are not black and white, that there are spectra, and that not everyone fits neatly into the boxes, categories, and labels into which society shoves everyone. Genderfluidity is increasingly visible, and that's what I want to focus on right now. Being genderfluid is a bit like embracing androgyny, but not quite. People who are genderfluid generally identify as female and male, or somewhere in between, and that can change from day to day – hence the “fluid” bit. They acknowledge and embrace the feminine and the masculine within themselves. I think that's beautiful, and brave, and so important. These celebrities identify as genderfluid and I think they are beautiful and brave, as well.

1. Miley Cyrus

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Say what you will about Miley, she is always true to herself – even if it's not “socially acceptable” by everyone else's standards – and she brings awareness to and promotes visibility of a number of important causes. She's been open and honest about questioning her gender, and although she doesn't publicly place herself on the gender binary, she does admit that she doesn't relate to being either female or male. Moreover, she doesn't expect that of potential partners, either.

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