7 Ridiculous Things about Kim Kardashian's Wedding ...


It's astonishing how much fuss was made about Kim Kardashian's wedding. It's garnered huge media attention (and yes, I'm aware that I'm adding to it!). The whole event was over the top. Here are just some of the ridiculous things about Kim Kardashian's wedding …

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Number 3

Number 3 Perhaps the most ridiculous thing about Kim Kardashian's wedding is that it was her third - and it probably won't be her last. And she's only 33. Plus it's only a few years since her second wedding, which was almost as ostentatious as this one. And filmed for TV. Why on earth do TV companies want to foist this upon us?


The Wall of Flowers

The Wall of Flowers A if the Wall of Flowers he presented Kim with for Mother's Day wasn't enough, Kanye had to order an even bigger one for the wedding. Good news for the florist, maybe, but what was the point? They could have taken advantage of Italy's beautiful buildings and scenery as the backdrop - but no, let's have a giant wall of flowers. Because they can.


The Dress

The Dress Well, it could have been worse. But the front of the dress made it look like Kim was wearing North's bib. At least her front was covered up - given Kim's penchant for putting her breasts on display it could have been a lot worse. And given that it was her third wedding, the symbolism of wearing white was really rather pointless on this occasion.


The Expense

The Expense Apparently the wedding cost $12 million. TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS. Even if this figure is inaccurate, the wedding must have cost a seven figure sum at least. For any wedding this is ridiculous (and for a third marriage, even more so). You don't have to spend it just because you can. But if it's true that E! picked up the bill, the situation looks even more ludicrous. Is this really a good use of TV money?


Intimate Wedding

Intimate Wedding 'We're having a super, super small, intimate wedding' Kim told Ryan Seacrest. She sure has a strange idea of what a small wedding is like! A small wedding restricts the guest list to close family and friends - not hundreds of celebrities and business associates that will promptly Instagram everything. You certainly don't have TV cameras and solicit media attention.


Wedding or Corporate Merger?

Wedding or Corporate Merger? It's hard to shake off the suspicion that this entire charade is less about marrying the person you love, and more about creating a business brand. Kim hasn't shown much of an understanding of what marriage entails, and it's not unreasonable, given the Kardashian/Jenner dedicated pursuit of money and attention, to suspect that this wedding was all about promoting the family brand.


Considering the grandiosity of the event, with paparazzi swarming like bees to a blossom, the suspicion gains traction. Every pose, every carefully curated Instagram post, it’s all part of a larger scheme to generate buzz. Let's not forget the TV special deal that turns intimate vows into a public spectacle. And honestly, the guest list reads more like a who's who in the entertainment industry than a gathering of close kin and confidants. It's as though the wedding vows could have included, "I promise to cherish you and the exponential growth of our mutual net worth."


The Media Fuss

The Media Fuss The media was full of reports on the wedding; even serious newspapers gave it some coverage. It was far out of proportion. Why should a reality TV star's third nuptials get so much press? But of course it wouldn't do so if so many people didn't read articles and follow her on Instagram …

I'm just astonished by how many people follow the scripted doings of someone who has achieved nothing worthwhile. I'm sure she's a nice enough person, but it's so shallow that someone can attract so much interest, attention and money for no good reason. It's just hype. What do you think was the most ridiculous thing about Kim's wedding?

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All up for love but the way Kanye West made the speech about himself (no surprise) is kinda stupid tbh

Why are you dissing her wedding? Nothing wrong with the bare back gown, the flower wall or the media attention. If they enjoy it, let them be! What do you get from telling people that their wedding is ridiculous? Does it make your wedding better? Doubt it.


I loved the wall of flowers I thought it was simple beautiful!

The Kardashian's have made a business of selling themselves. Along with allowing cameras into their lives they have in a way sold their souls. I watch the show and there are things I enjoy and dislike. When all is said and done no one is going to please everyone and everyone is entitled to their opinion because its just that, an opinion. People need to relax about both positive and negative comments as really this is just an opinion of one person. Kris Jenner is also one of the producers of the shows and manages all the family members so its the family themselves that are representing them this a particular way. My only comment is Kim is the Liz Taylor of our time. In love with being loved and in love with love.

By the way what woman wouldn't want a wall of flowers!! Don't be so jealous it's a sign of bitterness


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