Celebs šŸŒŸ Born in February šŸ“† (Part 2 of 4) ...

Everyone shares a birthday with a celebrity and I'm back with some celebrities born in February. Since it is February, Iā€™m posting celebrity birthdays for the whole month; one celebrity for each day. As this is part 2 of the list, this will showcase celebrities born from February 8 to February 14. To see birthdays from February 1 to 7, be sure to read part 1 of the celebrities born in February.

1. Seth Green (Feb 8.)

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This comedian of both film and television was born in 1974 in Overbrook Park located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is known for his work in Robot Chicken, the Austin Powers trilogy, and The Italian Job. He's one of my favorite celebrities born in February.

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