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7 Powerful Lessons from Beyonce That You Simply Can't Ignore ...

By Leeann

Every person in the world should be able to learn lessons from Beyonce. Whoever you are, whatever you do, whoever you believe in, Queen B has learned so much from life that it would be ridiculous not to listen to her words of advice. She’s been through it all, in the most extreme ways possible. Her highs are incredibly high, but her lows are also magnified given the person that she is. Either way, here are 7 powerful lessons from Beyonce that you simply can’t ignore.

1 Really Love Your Man

I think one of the most invaluable lessons from Beyonce is that there is nothing more incredible than being in love with your best friend. She and Jay Z are more than musical royalty; they’re like American royalty. She’s strong, independent, and tells girls everyday to stand up for themselves and be who they are, yet her love and devotion to her man are truly inspiring and beautiful. One of the best lessons to learn from Beyonce!

2 And Really Love Your Girls

One of the things I love about Beyonce is how passionately she feels about sisterhood in the truest sense of the word. In her documentary ‘Life Is but a Dream’ she says, “I love my husband. But there’s nothing like a conversation with a woman who understands you. I grow so much from those conversations. I need my sisters.” It wasn't until she put it into words that I realized just how true that is. One of the most important lessons from Beyonce that I’ve learned is just how much women need to stick together. Don’t hate, don’t be jealous, let’s all help each other!

3 Separate Your Professional and Personal Life

One of the hardest things Queen B has gone through was the process of letting her manager go. Her manager also happened to be her father. She realized at one point that what she wanted was true independence. It hurt her immensely to have to go through such a process, but at the end of the day, she said she needed to have her father, not a manager/father. This to me is one of the most powerful lessons from Beyonce, ever. She forced herself to separate the two, because you need to separate your work from your personal life. No matter how hard it may be, work should not be your life, at all.

4 Ask Yourself “What do You Want?”

Hot off the heels of her ‘breakup’ with her father, she had to stop and think to herself. Now that she was on her own, being her manager, she had to decide one very important thing – what do you want? Once she decided what it was, she was able to go after that, and direct all her actions towards that one thing that she wanted. Of all the lessons from Beyonce that I’ve learned, one of the most important lessons is this: figure out what you want. It’s hard, but once you figure it out, you’ll have direction, no matter how far off the path you may venture.

5 Keep Your Private Life Private

I’m guessing of all the lessons from Beyonce that we’ve learned, the one that’s struck a chord the most (especially with celebs) is to keep your private life private. This isn’t just with your love life, but this girl never over shares on Twitter, doesn’t blab about her family, never talks smack about any other artists, this lady is classy. She understands the importance of keeping things for yourself. You don’t have to share everything with everyone, keep things to yourself!

6 Stick to Your Vision

Know what you want and go get it. Queen B is so motivating. She runs her own shows, produces her own albums, oversees every aspect of her performances, and if she sees something that isn’t quite up to par, she’ll voice it. She’s not shy. As a businesswoman, you have to stick up for yourself, you have to stick up for your vision, and you have to be able to pursue it 100%. Of all the lessons from Beyonce that I’ve come to learn, this one sticks out prominently in my head.

7 All Your Dots Will Connect (Even if You Can’t See It Now!)

Everything happens for a reason. This much is true, and what I love about Beyonce is that she highlighted so many of her highs and lows in her documentary, and showed us how all the dots connected in the end. At this point in your life, if you look back, you can most likely point out the significant moments of your life, and you can now see how they all connect. One of the most powerful lessons we should all learn from Beyonce is to trust that in the end, everything does happen for a reason.

If you didn’t love Beyonce before, you probably do now. Or at the very least, you have a whole new height of love and respect for her! After watching her documentary that’s how I felt, and she’s such a powerful and wonderful woman that we get to look up to in this crazy world of Hollywood! So tell me, what lessons have you learned from Beyonce?

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