7 Things a Girl Can Learn from Katy Perry's Life ...


7 Things a Girl Can Learn from Katy Perry's Life ...
7 Things a Girl Can Learn from Katy Perry's Life ...

Love her or hate her, there are actually some pretty awesome things about Katy Perry's life that can teach you a thing or two. I used to be a big critic of the pop star whose first major hit "I Kissed a Girl" just wasn't something I wanted to personally listen to. Over the years I never thought too much about the pop star who was continuing to grow in fame and popularity. Then, two years ago, for whatever reason, Katy Perry's hits at the time were songs I found myself enjoying. Then, when the film about her life, 'Katy Perry: Part of Me' came out, I thought I'd watch it on a night my regular show wasn't on television just for kicks. As I watched,I realized what I thought about her all those years before wasn't true at all. Katy Perry was more than a controversial pop star, but actually a remarkable woman who overcame obstacles that led her to where she is today. She faced many different roadblocks on her way to fame, and she wasn't the crazy controversial person in real life that she sang about in songs. The most important thing I learned about Katy Perry's life was her love for making other people smile, which is my favorite thing about her. Check out some things you might not know about her, but that might just teach you a thing or two;believe it or not!

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Be Your Own Person

Katy Perry's life is not one most people would probably be able to guess right off the top of their heads. For starters, she came from a family of conservative pastors. Her father and mother have been pastors all of Katy's life and brought her up in a very conservative household. She first started singing in her church choir where she initially found her love for singing. Katy learned that as time went by, just because her family was conservative, she didn't have to grow up following their route. In fact, she faced great rejection from her family when she first embraced her career in the pop music industry. The lesson here? Be your own person because trying to live under the umbrella of someone else's life can never make you completely happy.


Sometimes You Have to Start from Scratch

While watching the film about Katy Perry's life, I learned that she also didn't come from money. In fact, when she moved to California in her early years, she was broke most of the time, and hardly had any money to eat. She had to build her own business from the ground up, and taught me that you don't have to have money to become successful. What you do have to have is passion, drive and persistence.


Appreciate Other People

While watching the film, 'Katy Perry: Part of Me', it was obvious how much she appreciates people. From the film crew, to her own personal team of assistants, to the guests that came to her shows, she probably said thank you a million times. She also expressed how thankful she was for what she's been given by the opportunities of others. Be appreciative; it's a quality that never gets old.


To Have Fun

Katy Perry is actually pretty down to earth, but she is also a natural cut-up who likes to have fun. She radiates with happiness, is constantly making others laugh and doesn't take herself too seriously. The result? A phenomenal powerhouse in the music industry who brings fun energy to whatever audience she performs in front of.


To Stay Your Own Course

Many people tried to change Katy Perry during her career. She turned down many opportunities for more money that other people might have jumped at. Why? She knew she wanted her music to be her own, wanted to do her own shows, and wanted to be able to perform and sing whatever she wanted. She never let anyone take that away from her, which is highly respectable in today's pop culture world.


She Dealt with Heartache like a Woman, Not a Girl

Katy Perry's breakup with Russell Brand,her famous husband for a time, actually happened while she was in the midst of filming. The film 'Katy Perry: Part of Me' actually shows Katie dealing with the loss, and how it was often hard for her to even get up everyday, much less perform a show. Yet, she persevered and handled it like a woman with strength and a mission, not a girl acting out of sadness and fear. This spoke volumes to me, since I've dealt with many hard things in my life, like I'm sure you have. Sometimes, no matter what, you have to realize you can't let pain break you, but instead, let it strengthen you.


Not to Be Body Obsessed

I think Katy Perry is a great size. She has womanly curves and isn't bone thin. In fact, during the film 'Katy Perry: Part of Me' she points out that she hates diet food and exercising, even though she tries to eat moderately during shows and exercise some too. She has never dropped tons of weight or famously been on a fad diet to drop weight quickly, and I think that is amazing. When everyone in the pop world tried to change her image, she always let her true body shine through. Now that's something every woman can certainly appreciate, Katy fan or not!

Even though celebrities like Katy Perry are rich and famous, they're still people at the end of the day. Do you have a favorite celebrity that taught you something about life? Share it!

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i love her so much, trully her self!

I really like her music. N now I think I'll listen even more! N had no idea she had a movie! Thank you!!!

Katy is my favorite. I love her because she is such a genuine, sweet girl. Can't wait for "Prism"!

Love her

Love her! Girl power!!

Sometime, the way people are in front of cameras is far from how they are behind closed doors. It amazes me how people put others on a pedestal and follow their every move (not talking about the writer of the article) when there are many serious issues going on around the world and maybe we should invest time and money giving back. Was reading about a stat the other day and how he cheats on his wife. People were commenting and encouraging his actions because the mistress is much prettier. I'd like to see those people walking in the shoes of the one being cheat on. Shallowness is valued these days. Why aren't people who save life put on a pedestal?

She got fame from all of her half-naked ( and sometimes fully naked) music videos. That really takes away any credibility that she has. It's hard to view her as a hardworking person who went from poor to rich, when her fame comes from showing her tits.

Elysium, katy perry fan or not, she actually donates to many charities (probably more than you've donated) such as humane society, charities for children, Red Cross, and miscellaneous charities for local disasters.

I've always loved Katy Perry, this post definitely reminds me of why I do

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