7 Things We Can Learn at the Expense of a Celebrity ...


7 Things We Can Learn at the Expense of a Celebrity ...
7 Things We Can Learn at the Expense of a Celebrity ...

There are many things to learn from celebrities, however I have compiled a list of 7 that I believe are essential. If we are going to learn anything from celebrities let it be life tips right? Celebs seem to slip up now and again and thanks to the paparazzi we can learn from their examples. Here are 7 life tips we can learn from at the expense of a celebrity.

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Never Kiss and Tell

Although I love hearing about Celeb hook-ups, its never classy to be the one dishing the juicy details. Both John Mayer and Wilmer Valderrama are famous for “kissing and telling.” And where has this gotten them? A first class ticket to douche-ville, that’s where. Things to learn from celebrities is don’t be the one spilling the beans about how great or not so much they were in the sack. All this will score you is a few extra months of singleton.


Rational Thinking

We can take this tip from Britney. My guess is if you asked her now, if shaving her head in public was a good idea, she may not agree with her rash decision. Always, always, always sleep on it. It’s a cliché quote for a reason, it works. Never make a quick decision, especially in the heat of the moment. Take a breather, and give yourself 24 hours to give your “final answer.”


Drinking and Driving is NEVER Cool

Take it from Mel Gibson, his DUI has done wonders for his career. I mean that guy's on fire, his life is one to be desired. His passion for the bottle has open many barred doors. Drinking to complete intoxication is your own prerogative but when you get behind the wheel and risk everyone’s lives on the road that’s where I stand up and put up my dukes. Things we can learn from celebrities… Don’t drink and drive, or I’ll pick a fight with you.


Public Intoxication is Never CUTE

Snooki has shown us many times how unattractive public intoxication can be. If you have even caught one episode, mistakenly or on purpose, of Jersey Shore you’ll have witnessed it. Stumbling, crying, mumbling, and falling all things that make you far from cute. Ladies being drunk in public only means you’re going to be showing, telling and spu’ing a bunch of stuff you’re going to regret come morning. Take it from Snooki, unless you’re getting paid to look like an ass, I suggest sipping classy.


Plastic Surgery Makes You Look Just That… PLASTIC

I think there is no better celeb to take this life tip from than Heidi Montage. With having gone under the knife for ten procedures in one day, she takes wanting to look like Barbie to the next level. Hear me out… I’m not opposed to plastic surgery, but do it for you, and not to perfect yourself into looking like what society believes is beautiful. Just think, if we all got plastic surgery to look like a walking cover of Glamour Magazine our standards would be so high, we’d never find love.


Always Wear Underwear

This important life tip comes to us thanks to Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. And what an important tip it is. You may be thinking “Oh who cares, I don’t have the paparazzi following me around – I’m going commando tonight.” All it takes is one Instagram shot, a post to Facebook, 10,000 shares and you will be the next panty-less celebrity. Whatever you do, if you are wearing a skirt, do yourself and your family a favor, wear your knickers alright!


Obey the Law

Things to learn from celebrities sometimes is an obvious life tip, however we all seem to think we are invisible every now and again. Sorta like when Britney Spears drove her car, child in lap. Although we do not have the paparazzi chasing us down, protecting our children foolishly is never accepted. The laws are made for a reason, so obey them.

We have Britney, Lindsay, Snooki, John, Mel and Wilmer to thank for these obvious life tips. Although these 7 things we can learn from celebrities may appear obvious, we all seem to slip up now and again. Let’s just consider ourselves lucky to not be constantly on the run from the paparazzi. Leaving us reminders of everything we have done wrong or foolishly in life. What celeb slip-up comes to mind when you think of apparent life tips?

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