16 Celeb Hookups from 2012 ...


16 Celeb Hookups from 2012 ...
16 Celeb Hookups from 2012 ...

The most talked about celebrity hookups of 2012 don't always last the whole year through. So many interesting connections I've read about, seen in magazines, and wished I hadn't seen, but today I want to tell you about the 16 celeb hookups that made, and are still making, headlines. Starting in January and working our way through to December, here are my top celebrity hookups in 2012.

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Lea Michele & Cory Monteith

This gorgeous duo hooked up in January, and have no end in sight after a recent interview with Marie Claire magazine. Lea says, "I don't even remember a time when he wasn't my boyfriend. No one knows me better than Cory." Call me crazy but I'm extra proud of this love match. Cory used to greet the customers at Walmart in a city not too far from mine. Cory grew up in Victoria British Columbia, which makes me proud of this home grown celebrity. Now if I could only manage to bump into them the next time they are visiting home to tell them how proud I am. They are, by far, one of my favorite celebrity hookups of 2012.


Adele & Simon Konecki

With their relationship just budding in January, these two know how to make things happen. In July, they announced they're expecting their first baby, due September. I love a couple who knows what they want and make it happen with ease. At least this is how it seems on the outside looking in. I have all respect for a celebrity who wants to keep their relationships and pregnancies hush hush... but I'm not going to lie, I love reading about it once the cat's out of the bag.


Michelle Williams & Jason Segel

Beginning in February, and still holding strong, there is just something about Michelle and Jason's relationship that I just find so honest. Not many celebs come off as down to earth, honest, sincere people like they both do. For them to connect and find love just seems so right. I don't know Jason enough to call him Jay, but from what I do know, and sense, is that he will be a fabulous father figure to have in Matilda's life. This is one of the celebrity hookups of 2012 I do not want to see end... in fact I'm rooting for a 2013 wedding.


Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger

Say what? Was it just me or did you not even know these two were dating? Hooking up to work on an album together in February, officially dating in July, and announcing their engagement in August. I felt a little let down to be honest. I mean, I'm Canadian, I should have known about this before it made headlines. It's only fair, isn't it?


Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Officially making "couple-alert" headlines in March, Kim and Kanye apparently had quite the friendship far before we all knew of it. The celeb duo were close friends for over 8 years, and by close I mean tight. Kim bought Kanye a $750,000 Lamborghini for his 35th birthday - that's the kind of tight they were. Puts my DIY "52 reasons I love you" deck of cards birthday gift to shame, but then again my husband will never have to consider a loan when the insurance comes up on it.


Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher

I don't know why, but this hook-up feels like a match made in the '70s. Sorry for the bad joke, but I had to. Mila and Ashton hooked up officially in April and have been pictured together constantly. With Ashton's divorce papers with Demi still incomplete, they are doing their best to stay classy. You don't see too much PDA from these two, but you know it's coming in the New Year once they both give their John Hancocks.


Mary-Kate Olsen & Olivier Sarkozy

I'm not going to go hard on these two, but Mary-Kate hooked up with an older man, Olivier Sarkozy, in April. 16 years her senior, all I can say is, it must be love. I'm sure this connection has nothing to do with the fact that Olivier's brother is the former French president. Something tells me with this title, even as just a brother of, he might be sitting pretty on a lump of money, then again so is she. I guess it's true love then.


Taylor Swift & Conor Kennedy

I knew this celeb hookup in May was doomed to fail when Taylor was publicly slammed by the mother of the bride, Victoria Kennedy, for crashing her daughter's wedding. Seriously, I'm pretty sure anyone would love to have Taylor on their wedding guest list, think about the possibilities in wedding gifts she could shower you with. As quickly and horribly as the relationship started, it ended, with a crash, boom, and probably a soon to be billboard hit.


Katy Perry & John Mayer

Starting their relations slow in June, Katy Perry and John Mayer seem to have the right recipe. With ideas floating around that he might pop the question soon, I'd say these two are well on their ways to a fabulous start to the New Year. They have been spotted out together often, but very few moments of love and affection can be snagged on camera. They like their privacy, which I respect and can understand.


Geri Halliwell & Russell Brand

You know a relationship that starts in the same month it ends, is not one that you can even call "worth your time." This is exactly how Geri Halliwell feels about her and Russell Brand's hook-up in August. Days after Geri confirmed with reps that she was dating the edgy comedian, he was spotted in a hotel with another lady. Nice, very classy, Russell. He changes his arm candy as often as I do, it's just mine come in the form of gold.


Ashley Benson & James Franco

Allegedly getting hot and heavy in September, this saucy romance ended between Ashley Benson and Jason Franco quickly. So we read, he dicked her around, toying with her emotions, not wanting something serious. Ashley ran back to her long term boy-toy, Ryan Good, who also happens to be Bieber's best friend. I have read that she is there just until Franco is ready for love, as her heart does skip a beat for him still. Again this is what I read, I am in no way shape or form on the "in" with these celebrities. I'm just hear to play the game "telephone" with you all.


Kat Von D & Deadmau5

A celebrity I would rather write less, than more about, Kat Von D, hooked up with Deadmau5 in September. Taking their relationship to the next level, Joel Zimmerman popped the question just before Christmas with a black diamond surrounded by skulls. The two have had their ups and downs but it sounds, on paper, that things will be A-okay. And by okay I mean it may last a few years before they decide to call it quits. What's with celebrities and marriages? It's like they are horribly allergic to commitment.


Paige Butcher & Eddie Murphy

Sort of thinking that Eddie Murphy struck gold with this hook-up in September. The 51-year old actor has been connecting and canoodling with 33-year old Paige Butcher, an Australian model. After seeing them snuggling court-side at a Lakers' game, I actually think they look quite happy together. Let's hope she doesn't mind playing mama with his 8 children. Yes people, Eddie Murphy has 8 kids, crazy right?


Rihanna & Chris Brown

Tough to say if they are back together, but this vicious duo, Rihanna and Chris Brown supposedly were back on again in October. Spotted together, court-side on Christmas Day, I'm guessing they are as hot and heavy as their Twit-pics seem to be. The two have a dangerous past, literally, and all I can say is I hope things have changed. What goes on behind closed doors, we don't know, and it's none of our business. But because she is in the public eye, I hope she clarifies to those girls who look up to her as an idol, that what Chris did is not okay.


Chris Harrison & Pattie Mallette

Pictures of these two hit the airways in October, and rumours started to fly about Justin Bieber's mom dating host of the Bachelor, Chris Harrison. Thanks to Ryan Seacrest for hooking them up backstage at one of Bieber's concerts, something tells me Justin is not impressed. Luckily, this has only surfaced as a simple picture together and nothing more. How weird would that be if Bieber ended up having to call Chris "dad." Stranger things have happened, people. Much stranger things.


Taylor Swift & Harry Styles

A new romance has started in November, between songstress Taylor Swift and singing pop sensation Harry Styles. Their relationship has reportedly moved quite quickly, however came to a bit of a halt as they spent Christmas apart. Video chatting on Skype between Nashville and London, the two seemed to make the holidays still jolly as they got their families in on the video fun. I have seen many pictures of these two getting cozy, and I actually think they are quite the sweet team. I am routing for Team Swift & Styles. Let's hope it lasts.

Any of these hookups you loved, wish lasted, or wished you had never heard about? I would love to hear your take on the celeb romances that took us throughout 2012. Let me know your favorite couple.

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Happy there isn't Haylor anymore ^_^ now there's peaceee no hate

Haylor's over so HAHA!!! Yay!!!!!!

Rip Cory :(

Ashley Benson with James Franco or Jason Franco?

I think Taylor

I so love Avril! She's my idol

Taylor and harry already broke up!

avril lavigne and chad kroeger?! WHAAAAAT?! lmao

Haylor is gone and i'm happy! No more hate and i don't have to hear "Haylor this, Haylor that" .

Anyone else find it funny that Taylor is one this list twice? I think she is a very talented singer but I don't think that I would ever take her relationship advice... Although she does have good taste since she went out with Harry.

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