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Mental disorders have a large stigma in America, but by having celebs with a disorder who open up about their struggle, it has become more acceptable. When celebs with a disorder explain their situation to the public, they have become role models to others struggling with the same disorder. Here are some famous celebs that have a disorder and have opened up doors to others suffering from the same situations.

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Michael Phelps

Not many people are aware, but one of the most famous celebs with a disorder is Michael Phelps. This Olympic medalist has been battling Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) since he was 9 years old. ADHD is a disorder that gives people a lot of energy and makes it hard for them to focus on tasks at hand. By having an outlet — swimming — that allowed him to focus, Phelps battled this disorder to become one of the most successful Olympians ever.


Catherine Zeta Jones

In 2001, Catherine Zeta Jones entered a mental hospital to battle her bipolar disorder, which is characterized by a cycle of depressive and manic episodes. She has publicized her disorder to help others suffering and show them that it is possible to control it. With the public knowledge of her bipolar disorder, Catherine Zeta Jones has helped to break the stigma surrounding bipolar disorder and become a role model to others suffering with the misunderstood disorder.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Among one of the many celebs with a disorder, Gwyneth Paltrow has opened about her battle with postpartum depression after the birth of her son in 2006. After her husband helped her realize that she was suffering, she learned how to cope with it. Paltrow has said that “you never totally get rid of it” but that talking about her struggle is part of the process of coping with it.


Elton John

Elton John decided to take control of his disorders and enter rehab in 1990 to battle addiction and bulimia. In his hectic life, Elton John turned to drugs and bulimia but, eventually his disorders got out of control. After checking himself into rehab, he has remained clean and in control of his disorders and managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle ever since.


Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain’s death was one of the most publicized deaths of the 90s but what many people do not know was that Kurt Cobain was suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and bipolar disorder. He was diagnosed at a young age and both disorders can be extremely hard to deal with. His high profile life made it difficult for him to keep up with treatment, which ultimately may have contributed to his death years later.


Emma Thompson

Another high profile celeb with a disorder is popular British movie actress Emma Thompson, who has battled depression for a good portion of her life. According to Thompson, it was hard for her to get out of bed, and she felt sad and hopeless most of the time. Her battle with depression has allowed others to come to terms with their battles with depression and get the help they need.


Demi Lovato

After a high profile breakdown, Demi Lovato has come clean about her battle with bipolar disorder. Along with dealing with an eating disorder, Demi Lovato entered rehab to help her in this struggle. By opening up about her disorders, Demi has become a role model to thousands of young girls going through similar situations. She has publicized the extreme stress of living in the limelight and how damaging it can be on young celebrities.

Have you had a similar situation to these celebs with a disorder? Do you know of any other celebs with a disorder? Do you think celebs opening up about their disorder is a positive thing?

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I kno Montell wiiliiams has one. N ii thiink iits qood to open up about iit cus It lets other people know that ure not alone iin the world.

Wow, it is a shame that people who are cleaely uneducayed on a true disorder can make such harsh and insulting comments. It is indeed quite ignorant and sad. The person saying half of their family has it is clearly full of shit. ADHD is something that I struggled with for a

-bout 12 years without the correct medicine and many in my family whom have ADHD still remain untreated for various reasons and it IS without a doubt a BIG deal. For me to see someone make those kind of claims make me sick...and I really wish people would learn to srop talking out of their ass. ADHD IS NOT THAT SIMPLE. Do soke actual research on what you claim you know before spouting out uneducated nonsense like that. ADHD is extremely serious if left untreated and can/does lead to many other disorders (physical and mental) when not handled properly. Go Google the dangers of ADHD and learn a thing or two you twit, maybe after some actual knowledge and understandingon the disorder you wwon't sound like such a complete ass. Completely ridiculous and insulting for someone to minimalize the physical and mental torture an individual with true and severe ADHD can endure. Without medication many of us cannot even function properly--I certainly can't. "Keep themselves bisy, and they'll do better in life," bitch, how about you do some actual research and educate yourself so you don't go through your entire life being so amazingly naive and ignorant. You clearly know NOTHING concerning the true trials and tribulations people with ADHD face.

I'm ADHD and I can attest to the fact that it's not easy, is it life ruining? No. But it isn't easy. It's a lot more than just not being able to concentrate and being hyper. Did your family ever tell you about the days where everything in the head is moving too fast and it causes panic attacks, or severe depression and anxiety that can accompany it?

ADHD is not that big of a deal. Half of my family has it. Sure, it's a battle, but it's not an excuse to get out of things or get much sympathy for it.

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