10 Hottest Looking Celebrities on the Red Carpet ...


10 Hottest Looking Celebrities on the Red Carpet ...
10 Hottest Looking Celebrities on the Red Carpet ...

Critiquing celebrities on the red carpet is almost like a sport! It’s always about who is wearing what dress and compiling never-ending best and worst dressed lists. With Awards Season upon us there will be plenty of more celebrities on the red carpet to scrutinise. Take a look at the following celebrities who consistently own the red carpet and the ones to watch out for.

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Diane Kruger

When it comes to celebrities on the red carpet, Diane Kruger almost always has the critics on her side. She had a stellar year in 2012 and has a knack for pulling off a range of different trends. Whether it’s an all-out ball gown or an androgynous tuxedo, Diane Kruger is the chameleon of the red carpet.


Sofia Vergara

There’s no doubt that Sofia Vergara knows how to bring the va-va-voom to the red carpet. Always donning a figure-hugging dress and a polished ‘do, you’re guaranteed a good dose of glamour when Sofia Vergara steps onto the red carpet.


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is a pro when it comes to the red carpet. Her outfit choices can range from classic and glamorous to contemporary and questionable. What we do know, though, is that when she hits the red carpet, she absolutely owns her outfits.


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is a pro on the red carpet and her dress choices tend to be hotly anticipated. Whether she’s wearing a daring gown or froufrou dress, she always does so with panache.


Emma Stone

Emma Stone is quickly becoming the darling of the red carpet. With a slew of feature films under her belt, she’s become a permanent fixture on the red carpet. Whether she’s wearing a cheeky dress or channelling her inner femme fatale, she’s definitely one to watch during Awards Season this year.


Heidi Klum

Trust a model to know how to strut her stuff on the red carpet. Heidi Klum sure can rock a designer gown and isn’t afraid of showing some skin to boot. From big, billowing gowns to short skirted numbers, her outfit choices are always refreshing.


Angelina Jolie

Love her or hate her, there’s not denying that Angelina Jolie knows how to bring sexy and sultry to the red carpet. While her dress choices tend to stay on simple and classic cuts, there’s always a provocative thigh high split here or a daring show of skin there.


Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams rarely gets it wrong on the red carpet. Her dress choices tend to lean towards feminine and sweet, which is definitely refreshing. She also knows how to rock a pixie cut on the red carpet like no other.


Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is one of those celebrities that embrace old school Hollywood glamour. It’s all about big gowns and big hair and that’s what the red carpet is all about! You’re guaranteed feminine and smouldering looks when Penelope Cruz steps onto the red carpet.


Kristen Stewart

While she used to get around in party dresses and sneakers, Kristen Stewart has really upped the ante on the red carpet lately. Who could forget that nude Zuhair Murad gown that she wore to the L.A premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2? These days she’s more likely to wear the latest designer gowns and exude a sense of glamour.

These days there are more celebrities than you can poke a stick at. Differentiating them on the red carpet can be a pretty big task. Which celebrities do you think consistently own the red carpet?

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Heidi Klum has lost it since "the split". Still looks stunning off course but her outfits have been questionable at best.

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