7 Celebs Who Are Vegan ...


Have you ever given thought to the many celebs who are vegan? Some celebs have been known to go on some crazy diets, but instead of some fad to lose weight, these celebs have chosen to go vegan. Some have done it for health reasons, some have done it for animal rights, and some have done it just because. Either way, they are all examples that going vegan is possible and easier than it seems. Here are 7 celebs who are vegan. Are your favorite vegan celebrities on my list? Let's have a look.

1. Woody Harrelson

After being told he was lactose intolerant, Woody Harrelson decided to become vegan. He has been vegan since he was 24 years old and has reported having more energy than when he was on a meat and dairy diet. He's one of my favorite celebs who are vegan.

Ellen DeGeneres
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