Get a Little Fashion Inspo from Mindy Kaling's Lookbook ...


Get a Little Fashion Inspo from Mindy Kaling's Lookbook ...
Get a Little Fashion Inspo from Mindy Kaling's Lookbook ...

She's got style and class to spare, and she's also wicked smart and fantastically funny - is there anything Mindy Kaling can't do, and anything she can't do while looking gorgeous? Let's all take a moment to appreciate the wonder that is Mindy Kaling with a quick peek at her lookbook.

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Strapless Sparkle & Shine

Strapless Sparkle & Shine Source: A Q&A with the One


Glitter Glam & Biker Jacket

Glitter Glam & Biker Jacket Source: AOL Style News, Trends and


Combining sparkle and edge has never been done more flawlessly than when pairing a sequined top or dress with a quintessential leather biker jacket. The jacket adds a tough-girl appeal, toning down the glitter's femme vibe for a balanced look that's both eye-catching and unexpectedly harmonious. Mindy Kaling perfectly demonstrates its effectiveness at an array of events, making it clear that this combo is versatile enough for a casual coffee run or a chic evening affair. Accessorize with sleek ankle boots and minimalist jewelry to keep the focus on the bold contrast.


Green Dress

Green Dress Source: The Fashion Tip You Should
... but not a REAL green dress. That would be cruel.


Orange & Pink

Source: Mindy Kaling's Advice On Not


Ravishing Ruffles

Source: Mindy Kaling Makes Vogue Debut


Gold Jacket

Source: Too Cold For a Dress


LBD with a Wide Belt

LBD with a Wide Belt Source:


Hello (yellow) Sunshine!

Source: Hello Sunshine from All of


The Plunge (neckline)

The Plunge (neckline) Source: And Here's What Everyone Wore


Pretty in Purple



Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender Source: Ones to Watch: 11 Women


Marvelous in Metallic

Marvelous in Metallic Source: ICYMI: Mindy Kaling Looked Marvelous


Crop Top + Matching Skirt

Crop Top + Matching Skirt Source: Mindy Kaling Absolutely Killed It


Floral Frock

Source: Fashion and Style - Celebrity


Brightest of Brights

Brightest of Brights Source: Mindy Photostream


Green Blouse + Polka Dot Skirt

Green Blouse + Polka Dot Skirt Source: Mindy Kaling Launches Mindy Cure


A Little Bow

A Little Bow Source: Emily Shur


Blue Dress



Bold Print

Source: Log in Tumblr


So Glam!



Pink & Purple

Source: 31 Flawless Celebs Dressed To


Blue Lace

Blue Lace Source: Mindy Kaling

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Love the green dress, the lavender sweater and blue too. Look so modest. Love that

@peony blue how? She's one of the few actresses that I feel is genuine and doesn't always try hard to be what the media expects from them

Omg her skin tone is beautiful!! 😍😍

Mindy Kaling looks great in color and takes appropriate fashion risks. She looks great and I love that she isn't a stick figure.

She's beautiful and I like her clothing style

She looks like she is trying too hard no

21 looks good, really good. I don't like the rest.

Just love her style with funky colors. She is one who knows how to wear her clothes in style and class

I love her and really like her choice of color and style. A real person wearing realistic clothing

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