15 Most Annoying TV Characters ...

Do you ever find yourself enjoying a program, but for the one of those fantastically annoying TV characters? Many a series I've enjoyed, until they've walked on the screen and I've had to switch off through sheer irritation. I mean, do people like this exist in real life? And do the writers do it on purpose?! The following are some of the most annoying TV characters I've had the misfortune of watching, and all have featured on otherwise very successful programs...maybe it's just me?

1. Elena Gilbert from the Vampire Diaries

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I honestly think that Elena is one of the most annoying TV characters ever to grace our screens. Why, why, why did the writers (although I can't speak for the book) create a heroine who is so undeniably wet? Has there been an episode yet where she doesn't cry? Oh no, I have so many unfairly attractive men in love with me, super powers and I'm going to live forever - why can't I stop whining?! And yes, I do realize the risk I'm running here of angering her legions of fans. Sorry.

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