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7 Celebrities Who Supposedly Have Bad Hygiene ...

By Jasmine

There is apparently a handful of celebrities who have bad hygiene. Whether it's bad breath, smelly armpits, or just a strange odor in general, they have been said to not really care about some of their strange hygiene habits. You will be quite stunned to find out that some of these famous people are A-listers in the entertainment industry. Some are actors while others are music artists. With that said, let's take a quick look at the seven celebrities who have bad hygiene.

1 Brad Pitt

Brad PittOne of Hollywood's most attractive actors is allegedly one of the many celebrities who have bad hygiene. Brad Pitt is obviously a busy father of six, so it's no surprise that he would miss a few showers here and there. According to his former co-star Eli Roth of “Inglourious Basterds,” Pitt uses baby wipes under his armpits in place of taking a shower. How PITifully smelly is that?

2 Beyonce

BeyonceCan you believe that Beyoncé has bad breath?! No, not the Almighty Queen B! Unfortunately, it may just be true. According to rumors, the “Drunk In Love” songstress likes garlic a little too much! Witnesses say her breath carries a hoary spicy scent. Apparently, rapper Nas even turned down the singer in the past just for this reason.


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3 Jessica Simpson

Jessica SimpsonThis Weight Watchers TV spokesperson does not like to brush her teeth. Jessica Simpson openly confessed once that she hates when her teeth feels slippery after brushing them. The singer says that instead she uses her shirt to wipe off the plaque or any other food stains on her teeth. Now that's just gross!

4 Robert Pattinson

Robert PattinsonSome of you "Twilight" fans may be very disappointed to know that Robert Pattinson does not enjoy washing his hair. He admits that he sees no use in cleaning his hair because to him, it's just hair. He also states that he sees no point in making sure his hair is clean when he doesn't even put that much effort into the tidiness of his own home. He probably likes his house dirty in the exact same way he likes his hair (shrugs shoulders).

5 Cameron Diaz

Cameron DiazThe beautiful Cameron Diaz says that wearing the same outfit more than one day is her thing! And, she's not ashamed of letting it be known. The 41-year-old actress has previously confessed that she smells at times. There have also been rumors of her walking around town with armpit stains on her shirt. EWWWW! Nonetheless, Diaz looks great for her age.

6 Flavor Flav

Flavor FlavSomething just doesn't smell right about this celebrity. I'm not too surprised that this former rap artist has a bad reputation when it comes to hygiene. Flavor Flav supposedly has bad breath, and he looks like it too. If this accusation is true, I can't even imagine how the women on his VH1 dating game show, “Flavor of Love,” were able to withstand kissing him. I definitely would have avoided it.

7 Megan Fox

Megan FoxAccording to Megan Fox, she is rather inconsiderate when it comes to using the bathroom - especially at a friend's house. The brunette beauty says that she does not flush the toilet in any circumstance. If she stops by and decides to use your bathroom, make sure you flush BEFORE you use the toilet. Furthermore, she despises a clean house, so she keeps her home pretty disorganized. Why do the pretty ones always have to be so filthy?

You would think that most celebrities would have higher standards when it comes to being clean, but I guess all the money in the world doesn't buy better hygiene. Hopefully someday, these superstars will clean up their homes and body odor for the sake of our noses! Are you shocked that some of these celebrities have bad hygiene?


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