7 Celebrities Who Supposedly Have Bad Hygiene ...

There is apparently a handful of celebrities who have bad hygiene. Whether it's bad breath, smelly armpits, or just a strange odor in general, they have been said to not really care about some of their strange hygiene habits. You will be quite stunned to find out that some of these famous people are A-listers in the entertainment industry. Some are actors while others are music artists. With that said, let's take a quick look at the seven celebrities who have bad hygiene.

1. Brad Pitt

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One of Hollywood's most attractive actors is allegedly one of the many celebrities who have bad hygiene. Brad Pitt is obviously a busy father of six, so it's no surprise that he would miss a few showers here and there. According to his former co-star Eli Roth of β€œInglourious Basterds,” Pitt uses baby wipes under his armpits in place of taking a shower. How PITifully smelly is that?

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