7 Celebrities Who Supposedly Have Bad Hygiene ...


7 Celebrities Who Supposedly Have Bad Hygiene ...
7 Celebrities Who Supposedly Have Bad Hygiene ...

There is apparently a handful of celebrities who have bad hygiene. Whether it's bad breath, smelly armpits, or just a strange odor in general, they have been said to not really care about some of their strange hygiene habits. You will be quite stunned to find out that some of these famous people are A-listers in the entertainment industry. Some are actors while others are music artists. With that said, let's take a quick look at the seven celebrities who have bad hygiene.

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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt One of Hollywood's most attractive actors is allegedly one of the many celebrities who have bad hygiene. Brad Pitt is obviously a busy father of six, so it's no surprise that he would miss a few showers here and there. According to his former co-star Eli Roth of “Inglourious Basterds,” Pitt uses baby wipes under his armpits in place of taking a shower. How PITifully smelly is that?


The heartthrob himself may have a less-than-exemplary grooming routine, raising eyebrows - and perhaps noses. Who would have thought that this screen icon could be skimping on soap and water? Despite his packed schedule and paternal duties, it seems a good ol' scrub might be at the bottom of his to-do list. It's all about wipes for this A-lister, but hey, if it works in a pinch for a parent on the go, it's got to be good enough for a red-carpet regular, right? Keep it fresh, Brad!



Beyonce Can you believe that Beyoncé has bad breath?! No, not the Almighty Queen B! Unfortunately, it may just be true. According to rumors, the “Drunk In Love” songstress likes garlic a little too much! Witnesses say her breath carries a hoary spicy scent. Apparently, rapper Nas even turned down the singer in the past just for this reason.


Beyoncé is known for her stunning performances and flawless appearance, but according to sources, her hygiene may not be as perfect as we thought. In addition to the rumors of her garlic-loving breath, there have also been reports of her not showering regularly. In fact, her former Destiny's Child bandmate, Kelly Rowland, has even admitted to having to remind Beyoncé to wash her hands after using the restroom. These claims have caused quite a stir among fans and have even sparked debates about the importance of personal hygiene. Despite these rumors, Beyoncé continues to dominate the music industry and maintain her status as one of the most iconic celebrities of our time.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, there are rumors and reports suggesting that some celebrities may have poor personal hygiene, including issues with body odor or bad breath.

There have been rumors and discussions online about Beyoncé possibly having bad breath, but these are not confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Halitosis is a medical term for chronic bad breath. Some rumors online have questioned if Beyoncé has this condition, but there is no verified information to support such claims.

Megan Fox's name has come up in media reports and rumors discussing bad hygiene among celebrities, though personal hygiene is a private matter and such claims are not substantiated.

It's important to approach rumors about celebrities' personal hygiene with skepticism, as these claims may be based on hearsay and not have factual backing.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson This Weight Watchers TV spokesperson does not like to brush her teeth. Jessica Simpson openly confessed once that she hates when her teeth feels slippery after brushing them. The singer says that instead she uses her shirt to wipe off the plaque or any other food stains on her teeth. Now that's just gross!


Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Some of you "Twilight" fans may be very disappointed to know that Robert Pattinson does not enjoy washing his hair. He admits that he sees no use in cleaning his hair because to him, it's just hair. He also states that he sees no point in making sure his hair is clean when he doesn't even put that much effort into the tidiness of his own home. He probably likes his house dirty in the exact same way he likes his hair (shrugs shoulders).


Pattinson's disdain for shampoo garnered public attention when a New York Times interviewer noticed the unkempt state of his locks. It's not just for the wild-hearted roles, Pattinson has confessed to developing a certain nonchalance towards his personal grooming over time. Yet, this seemingly lax approach hasn't dampened his career; whether gracing red carpets or brooding on the big screen, his tousled look has become somewhat of a signature. So, while fans may swoon, remember it might just be his rebel-without-a-comb charm at play.


Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz The beautiful Cameron Diaz says that wearing the same outfit more than one day is her thing! And, she's not ashamed of letting it be known. The 41-year-old actress has previously confessed that she smells at times. There have also been rumors of her walking around town with armpit stains on her shirt. EWWWW! Nonetheless, Diaz looks great for her age.


Cameron Diaz embraces her laid-back approach to fashion, confidently sporting the same ensemble two days in a row. But her casual attitude extends beyond her wardrobe. The actress openly admits to occasionally forgoing deodorant, claiming natural oils are better than chemicals for fighting off body odor. Despite the occasional whispers and side-eyes, Cameron flaunts her natural beauty effortlessly, challenging conventional beauty standards and the incessant pressure to appear flawless. Her stance might raise eyebrows, but it also sparks conversations about society's obsession with perfection, especially in Hollywood's glitzy corridors.


Flavor Flav

Flavor Flav Something just doesn't smell right about this celebrity. I'm not too surprised that this former rap artist has a bad reputation when it comes to hygiene. Flavor Flav supposedly has bad breath, and he looks like it too. If this accusation is true, I can't even imagine how the women on his VH1 dating game show, “Flavor of Love,” were able to withstand kissing him. I definitely would have avoided it.


Flavor Flav is an American rapper and television personality, best known for his time as a member of the rap group Public Enemy, as well as his own solo career. He was also the star of the VH1 dating show “Flavor of Love” in 2006. Despite his success and fame, Flavor Flav has been accused of having poor hygiene.

Rumors of Flavor Flav’s bad breath have circulated for years, with some claiming that his breath is so bad that it could “clear a room.” He has also been accused of having poor personal hygiene, with many noting his unkempt hair and lack of showering. It is unclear if these accusations are true, but it is clear that Flavor Flav has a reputation for being less than hygienic.

Flavor Flav has also been accused of being a poor role model for young people. He has been arrested multiple times for drug possession, assault, and other charges. He has also been accused of being a bad influence on the contestants of his show, “Flavor of Love.” Despite these allegations, Flavor Flav remains a popular celebrity and continues to have a successful career.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox According to Megan Fox, she is rather inconsiderate when it comes to using the bathroom - especially at a friend's house. The brunette beauty says that she does not flush the toilet in any circumstance. If she stops by and decides to use your bathroom, make sure you flush BEFORE you use the toilet. Furthermore, she despises a clean house, so she keeps her home pretty disorganized. Why do the pretty ones always have to be so filthy?

You would think that most celebrities would have higher standards when it comes to being clean, but I guess all the money in the world doesn't buy better hygiene. Hopefully someday, these superstars will clean up their homes and body odor for the sake of our noses! Are you shocked that some of these celebrities have bad hygiene?


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Armpit stains???? how could that be???? from sweating???? disgusting!!! how dare a celebrity sweat

I don't believe this, the author needs to show some type of spurce

You forgot to mention the fact that Megan Fox actually didn't say she doesn't flush under any circumstance. She said that she forgets to flush sometimes -.-. I second Mary, did you even fact check? some of this seems bogus

Lol hahaha hey not everyone believe in water or tooth paste

how disgusting!

some of these people i am so very surprised about because some of these people i thought would have better hygene but some i wasnt so surprised about . . ___

Celebrities are ppl too..they sweat, they stink, and they shit just like everyone else. Is that such a surprise?

omg!!! eww eww eww..

Haha funny post

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