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Celebrities who started out as extras seem like they have earned their place in Hollywood. Unlike others they’ve actually taken the necessary steps to get where they are now. They weren’t handed opportunities and they started out small before they went viral. So let’s take a look at the celebrities who started out as extras and elevated their status one step at a time.

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Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum Before he took Hollywood by storm, Channing Tatum was one of the celebrities who started out as extras. If you ever watch “War of the Worlds” and see a familiar face, don’t be surprised because that is the face of the young Channing Tatum trying to make it in the business. He tested out the waters with small gigs before he went on to pursue something bigger.


Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis Bruce Willis was an extra on quite a few projects. For example he was a part of “The First Deadly Sin”, “Ein Guru Kommt” and “The Verdict", which was nominated for five Oscars! His resume shows that he took his acting career very seriously when he was just getting started and he was determined to get the part no matter how small it may have been.


Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a well-known actor and producer, who is known for his versatility and critically acclaimed performances. However before he was able to get main rules in moves such as Mr. & "Mrs.Smith" and "Fight Club", he was just an eye candy in the background. In 1987, Brad Pitt played an extra as a partygoer/preppy guy at fight in "Less Than Zero" and was only paid $38 to do his job.


Megan Fox

Megan Fox No matter how the majority of the population feels about Megan Fox as an actress, you can’t argue that she is a very well recognizable celebrity around the world. However before her fame reached its peak, she was just an extra as a dancer in a club scene in "Bad Boys 2" that came out in 2003.


Matt Damon

Matt Damon Matt Damon really climbed his way to the top to become an A-list celebrity. He first started out as an uncredited extra in 1989’s “Field of Dreams” and since then he's managed to add a string of hits to his name, and gained critical acclaim for co-writing “Good Will Hunting” with Ben Affleck.


Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan Jackie Chan’s first film appearance was in the movie “Enter the Dragon”, in which he played an attacker whose neck got snapped by none other than Bruce Lee. Since then his career has been on a much bigger scale and he has became a renowned actor, action choreographer, comedian, director, producer, martial artist and stunt performer.


Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone Before he became a big action star, screenwriter and film director, Stallone booked a few gigs to get his career started. He was an extra in Woody Allen’s film, "Bananas" as a subway mugger in 1971 and he was also a disco patron in Jane Fonda’s psychological thriller, "Klute". These roles were so minor that his work was often uncredited, but we know how well his career has evolved since then.

If you are an aspiring actor or actress and are currently working on a few movie extra gigs, there is definitely hope for you! While the times have changed, it never hurts to start out small. What are some other stars who have earned their fame and success in your opinion?

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I wanted to point out that Megan Fox's film debut was actually a bigger role than the role she had in Bad Boys 2..her debut was in Mary-Kate and Ashley's movie "Holiday in the Sun"


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