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I'm always surprised there are so many actors who are also musicians. I'm not talking about just playing music in their garage with a few buddies either. Quite a few actors are accomplished singers, guitarists, drummers and more. Odds are, you've probably heard music from some of these actors who are also musicians.

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Keanu Reeves

When I think of Keanu Reeves, I instantly want to watch “The Matrix.” As it turns out, he was also a bassist for the band Dogstar for 12 years. Somehow it's not all that surprising he's among the slew of actors who are also musicians. If you're into grunge, you might want to check out the band's two albums.


Ryan Gosling

Is it really a shock to find out the sensitive heart throb, Ryan Gosling, is also a singer-songwriter? Believe it or not, “The Notebook” star is also the frontman for Dead Man's Bones. Listed as alternative rock, the music actually has a dark, folk sound. Somehow, I was shocked to discover he's a great singer.


Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is more than the cute, hilarious Jess from “New Girl.” She's part of the duo that makes up the band She & Him. She also plays guitar, piano, steel guitar and ukulele. And yes, she's just as adorable singing indie pop music as she is with everything else she does.


Jason Schwartzman

Even though he's no longer part of the band, Jason Schwartzman used to be the drummer for Phantom Planet. One of their biggest hits was the theme song for “The O.C.” He hasn't completely left his musical roots behind though. He's also in charge of Coconut Records, helping others follow their dreams of being famous musicians.


Kevin Bacon

It's all in the family for Kevin Bacon's musical side. He partnered with his brother Michael to start The Bacon Brothers. While you might not have heard of them, “The Following” star's band has released seven albums of country pop goodness. Maybe he should've done more than dance in “Footloose.”


Hugh Laurie

If you've ever watched an episode of “House,” you probably already know Hugh Laurie has some skills with the piano and guitar. And yes, those musical scenes were actually him. Any blues lover should definitely check out his solo album release. It's definitely a different side to his grouchy Dr. House character.


Clint Eastwood

I was most surprised by Clint Eastwood being a musician. While he hasn't released an album, you can find him working behind the scenes as a composer. Turns out he doesn't just create, produce, direct and star in hit movies, he also writes some of the score as well. When it comes to Hollywood, there's very little Eastwood isn't amazing at.


Michael Pitt

Some actors love their roles so much, they decide to become the role. Michael Pitt loved playing a rock star in “Strange Days” so much, he ended up becoming the lead singer for Pagoda. The band has since released two full albums and an EP. You'll notice grunge and alternative rock elements in their raw around the edges songs.


Donnie Wahlberg

Before he was the well known actor, Donnie Wahlberg was in a little group called New Kids On The Block. If you were a teen in the 80s, you've probably got a poster or two of the highly successful boy band. Though the group took a long hiatus, they've spent the last several years touring and even released a new album. Turns out, Wahlberg is crazy good at juggling both an acting and music career.

Honestly, this list could go on and on. Actors like Russell Crowe, Steven Martin, Juliette Lewis and many more are all great musicians. It never hurts to check out IMDB or Wikipedia to see what hidden talents your favorite actors actually have. What other actors should be added to this list?

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I agree with Valerie! I was looking for Mr. Leto on here!!

Okay! Zooey is honestly such a cute little peach! Her voice! Ugh! Just to die for! Her voice is deep, with a lot of soul but is still so feminine!

I came for Rob and the piano... left disappointed.

I won't definitely add rob Pattinson to this list!!

Don't forget Jared Leto!!!!

what about Jared Leto??

also rob pattinson. don't quite enjoy his acting but I love his singing voice

Harry Connick Junior

Also Marl Wahlberg was a rapper before he got into acting.

what about a musician who is also an actor? Justin Timberlake anyone?

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