7 Most Notorious Home Wreckers in Hollywood ...

We may love their movies, music or TV appearances but boy, are there some home wreckers in Hollywood. In all honesty, there’s probably no greater percentage of cheaters, rats and heart breakers in Hollywood than in the regular world, but because they are celebrities, it seems more shocking, and yes, much juicier. So just who are some of the home wreckers of Hollywood who have grabbed the headlines for their bed-hopping, relationship breaking antics?

1. Justin Bieber

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It seems we're going to see another lonely girl out there, and unfortunately, Justin Bieber is to blame. After the breakup of Rita Ora and DJ Calvin Harris, it became known that it was due to the fact that the "50 Shades of Grey" actress was having some 'fun time' with Bieber in the recording studio. Of course, he's not the first, and definitely not the last in the list of the most notorious home wreckers of Hollywood.

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