7 Celebrities with Criminal Records before Making It Big ...

It's hard to believe that there are actually celebrities with criminal records who were still able to attain stardom. This just goes to show that celebrities are more like us than you'd think and are capable of making mistakes, er, rather big mistakes. Some of the names on this list may be rather shocking and totally unbelievable. Stay tuned for this list of celebrities with criminal records before making it big:

1. Matthew Broderick

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I bet you wouldn't have imagined Ferris Bueller on a list of celebrities with criminal records. Technically this criminal charge happened a year after Ferris Bueller's Day Off was released, so Broderick had already reached some level of stardom, but it's hard to believe that Broderick crossed into a wrong lane while driving in Ireland, which led to a head-on collision that killed the other driver and passenger immediately. He was charged with careless driving and had to pay a fine of just $175.

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