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It's rare to find celebrities with dreadlocks in the entertainment industry. However, there are some who wear this hairstyle perfectly. Dreadlocks have been popularly associated with the Rastafarian Movement in Jamaica; however, ancient ethnic groups in parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe have also been known to wear these matted coils of hair. Other than stars like Whoopi Goldberg or the late Bob Marley who were and still are notorious for their beautiful wrapped hair strands, other stars have once rocked this bold hairstyle. Let's take a look at some of these celebrities with dreadlocks!

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Ani DiFranco

Ani DiFranco The 90s music scene experienced a time when eccentricity was very common, and American songwriter Ani DiFranco was one of those creative artists who decided to embrace her natural locks. At one point in her career, the folk-rock singer decided to let her hair run free with low manipulation and styling. She was also well-known for wearing colorful braid extensions as well as sporting a shaved head. As one of the many celebrities with dreadlocks, this chick definitely wears them well.


Mekhi Phifer

Mekhi Phifer Although Mekhi Phifer wore fake locks in Eminem's 2002 biopic “8 Mile,” I was astonished to see him take on a new look. In the movie, Phifer portrays the rapper's deceased friend Future, who once wore thick shoulder length locks. In other starring roles like NBC's “ER,” Phifer is always seen with a clean cut. However, the two-time NAACP award nominee may just be able to pass with this look if he someday decides to lock his hair.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Can you believe it? Jennifer Aniston actually had the courage to lightly lock her blonde tresses once upon a time. At the 1999 Emmys Award Ceremony, Aniston stepped out on the red carpet with ex-boyfriend Brad Pitt in her arms. That alone caught the attention of photographers and spectators. Yet, when everyone noticed that the former “Friends” actress was wearing a very loose version of dreadlocks, her hair immediately became the main attraction.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt must have a thing for girls with dreads because even his wife Angelina Jolie has tried them at one point in her acting career. Jolie has always been mysterious by nature, but with dreads, she appears to be even more intriguing. In the 2000 film “Gone in 60 Seconds,” she was seen wearing blonde dreadlocks. The girl honestly looked quite attractive and pulled them off pretty well. I guess this eccentric hairstyle just naturally fits her unconventional personality.



Shakira In 2009, this Colombian singer-songwriter showcased her funky locks while celebrating her Rolling Stone cover and Album release in New York City. The “Can't Remember to Forget You” songstress typically wears her hair down in long spirals, waves, or thick curly locks. Shakira's long twisted dreads made a bold statement, and she still looked very sexy and exotic as usual.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Lady Gaga's bleached-blonde lock extensions have to be my favorite on the list because Mother Monster just knows how to make any style into her own. In December 2013, Gaga debuted her knee-length locks following her performance at the Jingle Bell Ball in London. As we all know, Gaga can wear anything and everything and make it look fashionable. I think she should wear dreads more often. What do you think?


Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz Who else was awfully devastated when Lenny Kravitz decided to chop off his gorgeous locks? It was a sad day indeed. Not only is this American funk singer known for his retro style, he was once highly admired for his captivating locks. Throughout the '90s, Kravitz grew his dreads from shoulder length to mid-back length. It wasn't until the early 2000s that he decided to get rid of his matted strands and resort to a low-cut Afro. Either way, the 50-year-old will always portray endless hotness.

It's great to see how certain celebrities in the entertainment industry have accepted dreads as their style choice -whether it's for a movie role, hair trend, or lifestyle change. What other celebrities wear dreadlocks well? Would you ever consider locking your hair?

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I totally agree with jaz. Many of these dreadlocks were temporary or fake. And only two people who were african american made the list even though it's an popular hair style of African Americans. You could have at least included lil wayne and whoppie...

Bob marley??

Lenny kravitz was the only person w/ dreads on this whole list lmao

Shelby that was rude and racist as all hell. Smh

Id like to try this on my hair see what i look like 👍doesnt matter what u are its a free world if i want to rock them it should effect anyone else pffff

Shelby sthu and stop acting like you know everything.


I loved Lady Gaga's whole outfit!

I loved Lady Gaga's whole outfit!

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