7 Celebrities with Cotton Candy Hair ...

There are so many celebrities with cotton candy hair! The pastel trend is HUGE this summer. I've been meaning to try it out but just haven't found the courage to do so yet. The celebrities on this list can pretty much rock any hairstyle/color so it's no surprise that they look fabulous with these pastel strands. Check out some of the celebrities with cotton candy hair. Which would you recreate this summer?

1. Vanessa Hudgens

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When Vanessa revealed her new teal ombre on Instagram (@vanessahudgens), fans made sure to let her know how much they were loving it. I think it's super adorable for the summer time. I might've even saved a couple of pictures on my phone as a reference for my hair stylist! I love the color and I like the fact that she did this light ombre with dark hair rather than the usual blonde hair. She's just one of many celebrities with cotton candy hair.

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