9 Amazing Actors Who Died before Their Time ...

We can all probably think of at least a few actors who died before their time. When we think of Hollywood, a lot of us picture fancy cars, tons of money, admiring fans, lots of clothes, a fancy house-you get the drift. For some, however, life isn't quite so charmed. To that end, here's a very short list of actors who died before their time. Yes, some of these people had a lot of work under their belts before, but think of how much more they could have accomplished had they been with us a little while longer. I know the title says "actors," but I'm including musicians here too because a) they're just as much "under the microscope" as actors, if not more, and b) some were actors on the side.

1. Cory Monteith, 1982-2013

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This Canadian hottie tops my list of actors who died before their time because he was on one of my favorite shows. Well, what used to be my favorite show, since I think β€œGlee” has gone downhill since his death. I wasn't sure how the show would work with him gone, but at least I can enjoy his rendition of Journey and KISS songs in reruns. That, and he reminds me of a middle-school crush. For more details, visit theguardian.com.

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