7 Reasons Why a Lindsay Lohan Comeback Would Be Awesome ...


7 Reasons Why a Lindsay Lohan Comeback Would Be Awesome ...
7 Reasons Why a Lindsay Lohan Comeback Would Be Awesome ...

There are lots of people who may not be the biggest Lindsay fans, but I think a Lindsay Lohan comeback is something we should all look forward to. She’s controversial yes, and tons of people hate on her, but you know what? The girl keeps going! And I think there’s something quite endearing about her. So here are 7 reasons why a Lindsay Lohan comeback would be awesome!

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We’ll Get Red Haired Lindsay Back

I don’t know about you, but I think one of the biggest reasons to be happy about a Lindsay Lohan comeback is because she’ll come back to us with her gorgeous red locks. She looked so happy and healthy in her heyday, and part of that was her beautiful red hair, because we all know when she went blonde, she started going a little crazy. So red hair = awesome Lindsay Lohan comeback!


Cady Heron Will Evolve

Her role in Mean Girls was not only the highlight of her career, it was the movie that turned her into an A-Lister, for a brief time that is. She was perfect in that role, helped us understand the importance of Mathletes, that people that come from South Africa are insanely cool, and that even the newest of girls can be accepted by the cool kids. Now imagine if she got to pick as many roles as she wanted after that, we would’ve gotten a lot more Cady Herons. We need a Lindsay Lohan comeback for that reason alone.


She’s Actually Talented

Another reason I would love a Lindsay comeback is because I truly believe she’s talented. I’ve loved her since she did Parent Trap, and I guess ever since then it’s like I’ve seen her as that cute little girl. So of course I think she’s going to bounce back!


It Would Be Epic

All the odds are stacked up against her, the media doesn’t seem to like her, and often times she just doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break! But the ultimate LiLo comeback would be her stepping out in some fantastic role, and putting all those critics and haters in their place. Plus, there’s a fair number of people out there that are rooting for her to show the world what she’s got, and I’m one of those people. Go LiLo!


Woody Allen Seems to like Her

Since around the time she was slated to play Elizabeth Taylor in Dick and Jane, she had dinner with Woody Allen, whose movies I absolutely adore! I would love, love, LOVE to see her in one of those roles! If she appeared in a Woody Allen movie, it would be a great Lindsay Lohan comeback!


The Fashion

Lindsay had some pretty great fashion moments. A comeback would mean that we would finally get to see her in something beautiful. And by beautiful, I mean something age appropriate, and something that would hopefully show off a healthy figure!


Her Story is Filled with Hope

The best thing about a Lindsay Lohan comeback is that we would see her story blossom. It’s inspiring, and everyone always loves a good comeback story. But think about it, Hollywood loves a good rags to riches story, or a story about overcoming personal struggles, and nine times out of ten, those success stories get bigger and bigger. Look at Drew Barrymore, Demi Lovato, Robert Downey Jr., everyone loves hearing powerful stories of triumph. That is why I think people are still rooting for Lindsay. That’s why I’m rooting for her!

It’s been nearly 10 years since Mean Girls – it came out in 2004, everyone – and yet it seems like just yesterday. Lindsay is slated for a comeback, 10 years is a long time to get yourself sorted out, and it’s bubbling, the girl is coming back! So tell me, are you rooting for a Lindsay comeback?

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Beautiful, talented lady and a normal person - there, but for the grace of God goes any of us...role model for all of the kids who follow that path, take it a step further now, role model the recovery and comeback!

I love you girl come back and show the world who you really are

Wow this was very pointless..

Maybe I don't like her that much, but she's talented. So, give the girl another chance!

@Alyssa i couldn't agree more!

Have been since I first saw Mean Girls three years ago or something

Maybe I'm the only one that remembers...she can actually sing! And well! I still have her CD that I would listen to in my Freshman dorm! Catchy songs :)

Cause seriously, I think people are losing faith in them...

I was just thinking this today! I really miss her in movies actually. She was my role model as a little girl. The Parent Trap is a favorite movie of mine!

8) to prove people celebrities can!!

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