7 Reasons Why Ellen Degeneres is Awesome ...

By Gillian

7 Reasons Why Ellen Degeneres is Awesome ...

This list could go on and on filled with reasons why Ellen Degeneres is awesome. Many people look up to her and many people watch her show each and every day. Ever since Ellen got her own talk show, the public fell in love with her. Here are seven reasons why Ellen Degeneres is awesome.

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She’s a CoverGirl

I mean hello, this is a fantastic reason why Ellen Degeneres is awesome. In 2009, Ellen has become a CoverGirl amongst Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Queen Latifah, Sofia Vergara, Taylor Swift, Janelle Monae, Pink and more. As one of the oldest celebrities to front the cosmetic line, Ellen has stuck to her personality and made the commercial and ads funny and cute.


The Best Seat in the House is Reserved for Her Mother

Ellen and her mother have a fantastic relationship. Ellen has saved the best seat in the house on her talk show "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to her mother, Betty. She is a regular at the tapings of the show, and has famously stuck by her daughter throughout all the media buzz once she announced she was gay.


She Came out on ‘Ellen’

Announcing that you are gay is a very difficult thing to do, but imagine announcing that to the world. Ellen famously came out of the closet on her hit show ‘Ellen’ not caring about the backlash that would occur, which of course did.


Her Energy Level

I have never seen someone who has such a love for living and a love for entertaining her viewers. You can’t watch her show without a smile upon your face and a huge urge to get up and start dancing. She has such a sincere love for her friends and for showing people that age is just a number.


Her Love of Dancing

Every time Ellen comes out of those big doors on her show, I want to dance with her. Who doesn’t? She continues to have huge celebrities come on the show and break it down with her in a way that no other host could. Doesn't this make a smile come upon your face when you see Michelle Obama busting a move?

Famous Quotes

To give oneself earnestly to the duties due to men, and, while respecting spiritual beings, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.


She Started Her Own Record Label

Ellen loves to find great hidden and young talent on YouTube and around the Internet. So much so that she started her own record label called ‘eleveneleven’ in 2010. Not afraid to take the world in her hands, she has started to bring young singers on her show and introduce them to the world.


She Stayed True to Herself

Ellen has never changed for anyone, and she won’t. She has said in the past that throughout the years people have tried to tell her what to do and how coming out of the closet will ruin her career. She has never been afraid to stand her own ground and live her life the way she wants. We can all learn something from her!

Ellen is someone who I personally look up to and inspire to be like. Her will to love and live life to the fullest is contagious and I personally think makes the world a better place. We need more Ellens in this world! Is there someone that you look up to and inspire to be like? What is your favorite thing about Ellen?

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I adore Ellen! She seems like a lot of fun to be with!

I love Ellen. I keep her as an inspiration to myself. She\'s a wonderful person!

Another reason to love her is her love for animals! :D l

I love, love, love Ellen!

Love her, even when you are having a bad day, her show, makes you forget your troubles for an hour, her old show Ellen is still funny! Love Ellem

I like her very much, she is warm, compassionate and humble

Love her

I love this article, but Ellen came out when she was doing a sitcom, not during Ellen. They cancelled that sitcom because she was gay.