7 Reasons to Love Beyonce ...


7 Reasons to Love Beyonce ...
7 Reasons to Love Beyonce ...

Beyonce Knowles is a woman to be inspired by. She is such an amazing icon for the girls of today; it is nice to have a positive role model to look up to. She is personally one of my favorite celebrities and I’m going to provide you with just a few reasons why. Here are 7 reasons to love Beyonce.

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Her Music is Rocking!

I don’t know anyone who can listen to a Beyonce song and not at least tap their foot. Most would agree that her voice is naturally beautiful; she doesn't need the fancy technology to enhance her singing. Not to mention that all her songs provide listeners with a good beat and lyrics that you can sing along with (unfortunately I do her no justice). This is one of the reasons to love Beyonce.


Her Curves

Everyone knows that Beyonce is one curvy lady, she is highly known for it. She is not one of the girls who hides who she really is, in fact she owns it. Beyonce has never changed how her body is or been ashamed of it. She sends an inspiring body image to girls everywhere that they are all beautiful just as they are. This is one of the many reasons why I love her and think you should love Beyonce for too!


Her Success Story…

Beyonce was not only in the successful girl group Destiny’s Child, but she has also had a phenomenal solo career. With the group, she had made five albums and in her solo career she has put out four albums. She is a constant chart topper and has made herself well known. It seems that she is just a golden girl.


Her Acting Career…

Not only does Beyonce sing, she can act too. Beyonce has appeared in eight movies and has two that are currently in production. This includes her role as Foxy Cleopatra in Goldmember, and a star role in Dreamgirls. Her diversity and ability to be a part of the music world and the film world shows that anything is possible if you just put your mind to it.


Her Dancing!

Now I don’t know about any of you, but I personally try really hard to dance like Beyonce. Now, I haven’t actually achieved dancing like her, but it’s the effort that matters. She is known to be one of the great dancers, and watching any of her videos or performances always brings a good show. Based on the amount of videos inspired by Beyonce I’d say most agree that she is an outstanding dancer.


She’s Not Afraid of Flaws

Beyonce has admitted that her ears a big, now normally if a celebrity has a flaw, they will go out and get it changed with surgery. Beyonce plays it up, she wears extravagant earrings to dress up the ears that she finds to be big. I think that is a wonderful way to play up any flaws you have, don’t be ashamed because as previously stated we are all beautiful just as we are!


The Family!

With the recent addition of baby girl Blue Ivy, Beyonce got the three from two that she sang about. She and hubby Jay-Z married in 2008 and they just seem to get happier and happier. The sweet little family is so cute, and I know they make me smile; they are an inspiration for families everywhere!

There are so many reasons to love Beyonce; I’ve just talked about a few. Are there any more that you can think of? Why do you love about Beyonce?

Top Image Source: thebeyoncearchive.com

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@Samanta i know shes a weirdo!

She's a very talented woman. She deserves everything she worked 4

she is hillarious too

She is illuminati!

yep everyone now you know why i want to BE beyonce GirlCrush IWantToBeBeyonce (via Twitter)

Nose jobs aren't natural.

I love beyonce and all of these points are so true..^_^

Totally agree Love beyonce n her music! She dances awesome n songer even more awesome

no one can top her style her class or that sass, queen B

Really? AMSH

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