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7 Facts about Norman Reedus That Will Make You Love Him More ...

By Treva

Ready to learn some facts about Norman Reedus that just might make your ovaries explode? If you're into the actor, then you're probably already aware of his cult movie "The Boondock Saints" and his role on "The Walking Dead." However, he's so much more than a vigilante and a zombie killing machine with a sweet motorcycle and a cool hipster hillbilly haircut. Here's a look at a few interesting facts about Norman Reedus that might make you love him even more:

1 He Changed Daryl Dixon for the Better

He Changed Daryl Dixon for the BetterThis is one of the best facts about Norman Reedus because he might not be as beloved as he is if he didn't try to change "The Walking Dead" script. His character, Daryl Dixon, was originally supposed to be a racist drug abuser. However, Norman didn't want Daryl to be like his easy-to-hate brother Merle. Instead the actor decided that Daryl should be slightly ashamed of the violent world that he grew up in. So basically Daryl is a reluctant redneck. However, his ability to hunt with a crossbow and his squirrel-skinning skills have certainly paid off during the zombie apocalypse.

2 He Loves His Fans

He Loves His FansNorman has fiercely loyal fans whose main mantra is this: "If Daryl dies, we riot." His female fans have also given themselves fun names like Norman's Nymphos, Dixon's Vixens, and Reedusluts. Norman certainly seems to enjoy the love, and he shows how much he appreciates his fans by sharing photos of their artwork and gifts on Twitter. And his fans are definitely a creative bunch—the actor has received gifts like squirrel meat, breast implants, and even a plush uterus pillow. The ovaries obviously weren't included since they exploded already.

3 He Also Loves Animals

He Also Loves AnimalsNorman Reedus might slaughter squirrels on "The Walking Dead," but he's an animal lover in real life. He supports the movement to end cosmetic testing on animals, and he's actually a cat man! Reedus has an awesome rescue kitty, and he's even said that he considers the feisty feline his best friend. The actor's son must be just as creative as his daddy, because he gave the kitty a very cool name: Eye in the Dark. He came up with the moniker because the black cat blended in with Norman's black floors so much that all he could see were its glowing eyes.

4 He Gave His Son a Cool Name

He Gave His Son a Cool NameIt's not surprising that Norman's son came up with such a cool name for his cat—the cute kid also sports an amazing moniker. Norman and model Helena Christensen ensured that their son grows up with a love of the arts by naming him Mingus Lucien Reedus after Charles Mingus, a legendary jazz musician. Some people might think that the name "Mingus" sounds a little nerdy, but no one is going to mess with the son of Daryl Dixon. And Mingus is certainly aware of how awesome his dad is—the 14-year-old is allowed to watch "The Walking Dead" every Sunday. Surely you can't find fake zombies all that frightening after seeing your dad's very real roadkill art (this will make more sense when you read the next Reedus fact).

5 He's Artistic

He's ArtisticNorman might love animals, but he's not opposed to using animals that are already dead to create art. The actor is a photographer whose pictures of critters crushed by cars have actually appeared in a Times Square art exhibit. He also has a book of photographs titled "The Sun's Coming Up … Like a Big Bald Head." It features some of the roadkill photos as well as shots taken from the sets of some of his projects, including "The Walking Dead." Norman is also a sculptor who has created avant-garde pieces like a horned vagina and a life-sized sculpture of himself in a box full of rats. How weirdly wonderful is that?

6 He's Part Cyborg

He's Part CyborgNot really, but he does have a titanium eye socket. Norman had to have the socket put in after a serious car accident. He was afraid that his acting career might be over since his beautiful mug got all messed up. However, he decided against giving up on acting, and he even starred in a short film about his car accident titled "Meet Me in Berlin." Since Norman almost ended up being roadkill himself, it's no wonder that he so fascinated with flattened critters on the freeway.

7 He Starred on "Charmed"

He Starred on "Charmed"Did you know that everyone's favorite zombie slayer once dated a witch on "Charmed?" Norman played a piano bar owner named Nate who dated Paige (Rose McGowan) on the popular series about a trio of witch sisters. Nate actually let Paige perform at his club, but he didn't last long once she found out he was married with kids. Since Norman is into witches and creepy stuff, it's a shame that he isn't on this season of "American Horror Story." He's also starred in multiple music videos, including Lady Gaga's "Judas" vid, and in the Guillermo del Toro horror movies "Mimic"and "Blade II." However, my favorite Reedus IMDb listing has to be his role as "Sextools Delivery Boy" in the movie "Luster."

Norman's love of cats and art might make him seem nothing like Daryl Dixon, but the actor definitely does seem to share some of his character's traits—he used to work at a motorcycle shop, and he's very fond of flipping the bird (he's such a rebel). He also loves his job killing walkers on "The Walking Dead," so fans aren't the only ones who will be upset if Daryl dies. So do your consider yourself one of Dixon's Vixens or Norman's Nymphos?

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