These Are the Amazing People Who Got Presidential Medal of Freedom This Year ...


These Are the Amazing People Who Got Presidential Medal of Freedom This Year ...
These Are the Amazing People Who Got Presidential Medal of Freedom This Year ...

As one of his last acts as POTUS, President Obama just awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 21 very deserving people. Is your favorite celeb on the list of recipients? Let's have a look.

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Ellen DeGeneres

person, profession, speaker, With so many out celebs, it's hard to remember how difficult and scary is must have been when Ellen came out years ago, in 1997. That took a lot of courage, but she did it!


Tom Hanks

person, profession, speech, I can't think of a single movie he's been in that wasn't amazing. I mean, hello, I cried when he lost Wilson.


Michael Jordan

person, You know, the guy from Space Jam.


Robert De Niro

person, people, clergy, Amazing actor, for decades, and he's still working.


Bruce Springsteen

person, speech, The Boss. Enough said.


Robert Redford

person, He's a fantastic actor, and wow, did he used to be a hottie.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

person, speech, profession, official, Famous basketball player and actor. So tall, you can't even see who's hanging that medal around his neck... awesome!


Vin Scully

person, speech, official, Sports caster. Your grand-dad probably knows who he is. Heh.


Diana Ross

person, speech, ceremony, official, speaker, I'm surprised she hadn't already won this honor.


Cicely Tyson

person, speech, profession, A truly talented, trail-blazing actress. Can you believe she's 92 years old?!


Bill Gates

Bill Gates Computer genius turned philanthropist.


Melinda Gates

person, ceremony, A true philanthropist in her own right.


Richard Garwin

person, speech, clergy, official, profession, In case you don't know who he is, he's an inventor and physicist.


Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry And he's an architect.


Margaret H. Hamilton

President of the United States, person, speech, award, official, An excellent example for anyone, especially a girl, who's considering a career in STEM.


Maya Lin

person, people, community, She designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.


Lorne Michaels

person, people, speech, official, profession, If his name sounds familiar, but you don't know why, he's the producer of Saturday Night Live, where so many of our fave comedians got their starts.


Newton Minow

person, clergy, He's a former chairman of the FCC.


Eduardo Padron

person, clergy, bishop, profession, bishop, He's the president of Miami Dade College.


Elouise Cobell

person, 4424, She was awarded the medal posthumously, in honor of her activism on behalf of Native Americans.


Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

person, military officer, military person, speech, official, She was also awarded the medal posthumously.

Which of these awesome award-winners is your favorite, and how do they inspire you?

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I'd rather have the the reason for them getting the medal other than "he was the guy from space jam" 😂

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