The Stages of Being a Fangirl 😍😁🙀 Only Hard Core Fans Can Relate to ...

So there's a band, actor, or other celebrity that you're totally obsessing over right now. Well, you don't call it, "obsessing", but your friends and family do. What's so wrong with obsession though? It just means that you're passionate about something or someone. And being a fangirl is actually tons of fun.

But did you know that are certain levels to being a fangirl? Perhaps you're just a low key fangirl, or maybe you're totally beyond all that amateur stuff and are already on the road following your favourite person/group.

Check out the seven stages of being a fangirl and see which one you can relate to.

1. Stumbling upon Them for the First Time

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This is when someone sends you a link of an awesome band, singer, movie trailer etc, or you're casually browsing YouTube and you see something that catches your eye. You click on it, and BAM! your entire world has just been turned upside down.

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