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14 Cute Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Instagram Posts That Will Make You Jealous ...

By Vrinda

Priyanka and Nick have quickly become one of the most loved and adored couples, and they deserve every bit of that attention. They are so cute together and they don't shy away from showing their love to the world. Here are some of their best moments..

Table of contents:

  1. Making each other lol
  2. Being goofy with each other
  3. Sharing their first new years kiss
  4. Napping in his safe arms
  5. The look of love
  6. Stylish and sexy couple
  7. The couple that plays together, stays together
  8. Birthday wishes
  9. Their special day
  10. Casual strolls together
  11. Being each other's valentine
  12. Kicking each other's ass in mortal combat
  13. Cozy christmas together
  14. When they announced they were taken

1 Making Each Other Lol

2 Being Goofy with Each Other

3 Sharing Their First New Years Kiss

4 Napping in His Safe Arms

5 The Look of Love


7 The Couple That Plays Together, Stays Together

8 Birthday Wishes

9 Their Special Day

10 Casual Strolls Together

11 Being Each Other's Valentine

12 Kicking Each Other's Ass in Mortal Combat

13 Cozy Christmas Together

14 When They Announced They Were Taken

Is anyone here a 'Prick' fan? If you are, what is your favourite Prick moment? Love that nickname by the way, so catchy!

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