Taylor Swift is the Top-Earning Celeb of 2016 Guess Who else Made the List ?


Credit it to her quarter-billion dollar 1989 World Tour, or her ad deals with Apple, Diet Coke, and Keds (or both): Taylor Swift tops the Forbes list of the top-earning celebs of 2016 with a whopping $170 million. That's a lot of money, and she's definitely earned every penny. Which other celebs are cashing in this year, and how much have they made? Let's have a look at the top ten earners of 2016.

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Taylor Swift

hair, blond, person, woman, hairstyle, At 26, Taylor Swift has control over her image, her music and her bank account. Her fans adore her, and it shows in her bottom line.


One Direction

vacation, people, photograph, person, sea, Boy band One Direction comes in second behind Taylor Swift with a cool collective $110 million in 2016.


James Patterson

flower, floristry, floral design, THE, NUMBER, You'd be hard pressed to find another author as prolific, popular, or well-paid as James Patterson. He's earned the third spot with an estimated $95 million in 2016.


Dr. Phil

person, profession, businessperson, Apparently, I'm the only person on the planet who isn't fond of TV Talk Show relationships guru Dr. Phil; he's set to bring home $88 million this year.


Cristiano Ronaldo

player, ball game, sports, athlete, football player, Tied with Dr. Phil is Portugal's superhuman soccer star and all-around gorgeous god Cristiano Ronaldo.


Kevin Hart

person, man, profession, Hart will being home $87.5 million this year, making him the first comedian to out-earn funnyman Jerry Seinfeld - that's pretty amazing.


Howard Stern

people, Shock jock Howard Stern will earn $85 million this year, basically for insulting women and minorities and being brash.


Lionel Messi

UNICEF, player, ball game, athlete, sports, Another soccer legend makes the top ten this year! This Argentinian star will bring home $81.5 million in 2016.



hair, person, hairstyle, blond, woman, Adele is back this year, after being absent from last year's top ten. Her earnings, mostly from her new album 25, total $80.5 million. Hello indeed.


Rush Limbaugh

person, profession, real estate, professional, businessperson, Apparently, it pays quite well to be a conservative blow-hard; for his particular brand of bigoted rant, Limbaugh will bring home $79 million this year.

Who do you think should have made the top ten list? Were there any surprises on the list for you? If you'd like to see the complete list, 100 celebs deep, visit forbes.com

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I think I speak for the entire mental health field (or at least every person I've spoken with so far about him) when I say, we all hate Dr. Phil...

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