37 Mind-blowing Marilyn Monroe Photos That Prove Beauty is Versatile ...

By Eliza

37 Mind-blowing Marilyn Monroe Photos  That Prove Beauty is Versatile ...

Marilyn Monroe is an indisputable beauty and you might be surprised that she was actually closer to a size 14 than a size 0. Granted, sizes have changed a bit since her day, but the point here is that she embraced her curves and her womanliness and was still a stunning looker until her tragic death. Here's all the proof you need!

1 Black and White Beauty

2 The Most Memorable

3 Taking a Break

4 What Does She See?

5 Marilyn Monroe Close up

6 In a Fancy Dress

7 'Best Celebrity Curves of All Time'

8 Laughter is the Best Medicine

9 The Indelible Image of Marilyn Monroe

10 Beautiful Marilyn Monroe

11 Hanging with Friends

12 Soaking up the Sun

13 Looking Glamorous

14 Reading a Book

15 Marilyn Monroe Vintage Photo

16 Marilyn Monroe Not Giving a Damn

17 Marvelous Marilyn Monroe

18 Beautiful Red Lips

19 Short Blonde Hair

20 Rarely Seen Marilyn Monroe Playboy Photo

21 Dressed for a Night out

22 Marilyn Monroe Birthday Photo

23 Marilyn in That Famous Red Dress

24 Marilyn Monroe for Chanel No. 5

25 Marilyn Monroe Just Beautiful

26 Marilyn Dressed Casually

27 Just Being Happy

28 Enjoying Nature

29 All Glammed up

30 Looking Hot

31 By Milton Greene, 1953

32 Fingers Crossed

33 Marilyn Monroe in Pink

34 1955 New Year's

35 Marilyn Monroe Always Knew How to Wear Her Clothes

36 Marilyn Monroe in How to Marry a Millionaire

37 Looking Normal

Which of these photos is your favorite? Why?

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